world records

ok i was in school and was looking at the world records book in a reading class when i saw that the highest verticle drop on a bicycle is only 13ft. 1in. i thought that isnt as high as i thought it would be so i think so i think we should break that record and land in the record books for ever and ever!! muuaa haha haha!! Also i thought that someone droped higher than that on a uni! I saw some pics of a guy droping like 20 ft before.

That may be an “official” record in a book but it is by no means an accurate one. Even on my last offroad ride one of the unicyclists switched to a bike for a bit and was dropping in excess of 13 feet. (which is pretty to watch).

I have seen photos and video footage of people on bikes dropping well in excess of 20 feet. As far as I know Kris holds the record for biggest drop landed on a unicyle at around 15 feet.

In freeride mountain bike racing top riders do 30 feet plus drops and I know in the red bull freeride competition their are drops around the 35 foot mark.

A footnote:

If it is a drop to flat ground then I can believe 13 foot is an accurate world record. Top bike trials riders like Ryan Leech would be just about capable of doing a 13 foot drop to flat concrete (but it would be darn unpleasant). Ryan does seem big drops on Universe I think.

I have no idea what the biggest drop to flat that has been landed on a unicycle is but I’m guessing at least 9ft and possibly up to 12 ft.

i dunno how high it is but its to flat onto hard concrete.

and its the offical record… guiness dont care about unoffical records…

thats what they told me about when im setting the unicycle one. same rules as bikes

im going for 10 then maybe 11, 12

The tone and content of this thread amply illustrate the importance of the IUF World Records Committee, which is currently being formed by IUF and its Rulebook Committee.

The unicycling community needs self governance in this area, so that the regulations regarding unicycling world records are clearly specified – by unicyclists – and are published and easily accessible.

Self governance…
Of the Unicyclists
by the Unicyclists
and for the Unicyclists.

History shows that a democracy was never given by a king; freedeom was always “taken” by the middle class.

(OK. That was maybe over the top. But I have taken some liberties here… Oops, did it again.)

Most importantly, though, self-governing requires the time and effort of individual unicyclists - i.e., us.

If you want to help define the rules for world records: IUF World Records Committee

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