World record ??

Whats the highjump worldrecord for a 14year old ?
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Whats the highest you know?

It’s over two meters, I believe. 14 year olds are cheeky little buggers.

2 meters? hahah, thats not possible

I love it how someone people don’t understand sarcasm, it makes you look so stupid if no one in the room understands that you just made a joke…

Or you can just snigger to yourself happily and make a mental note about your supreme cognitive abilities.

:smiley: Thats funny!

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HAha :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a friend that jumped 97 and i only 90.

I almost got 30inches once how much is that in cm?


I got 80 cm but im pretty sure thats not a record

Most of the time, to have an official high jump, it has to be over the bar. Like in competitions, the high jump is over the bar, but there’s also often unofficial compet, onto a ledge…

Were you actually talking over the bar ? If so, all of you are very good !


over the bar or up something?

and you are 14 years and able to jump 90 cm ? woot!! insane!

No its not over a bar. Not so good xD
Me - 90cm
Erik - 95-97cm
Up somethin!

my friend, fredrik, roll hops 96cm, he`s 14 i think,

thats right. :wink:

Clip -

Eriks jump was kinda fake…
We found out he’s real jump-record is 93 cm.

Jeeze i know some can be but I’m not.

don’t worrie, ivan is evil

yupp :stuck_out_tongue: