world record?

no, i have not set a world record (of course not). but i realized that we, collectively could. this forum is probably the largest assimilation of unicyclists in the world, and if we organized a simultaneous unicycle ride, it could be the a world record, the largest simultaneous unicycle ride in the world.
so, i’m thinking tomorrow at 4 pm (EST)? to give time for everybody to get word of it. someone should also translate this into german for the deutches einradforum. we’d all have to go out and ride for at least like 20-30 min to make up for any small discrepencies (clock innacuracies, ect)
tell me if this time isnt good so we can work out a good time for everyone.
if this does happen i’ll contact guinness so we can be in the book.

ps, go here for what time 4 pm est is locally to you:
set the first “location” to “usa-connecticut-hartford”

this time isn’t good because I will be at drivers ed

I think you should give people more advanced warning, also, what about people that work? Plus, 4pm for you could be in the middle of the night for some of us!

Sorry to chuck a soggy blanket on your otherwise great idea man!

Rock on!

Tomorow eh?

Well, I dont think I could make it to America by 4:00pm your time…

It would be a good idea, but Unicon will almost certainly beat it.


no, no, its a simultaneous ride, that means you ride wherever you live, its just all at the same time.

Do it during unicon, so then you can have unicon people plus people that didn’t go (like me) riding at the same time, it will be wayyy higher.

well, it was just a time to begin with. if we move the date back to the 22nd, (a saturday) and the time to noon here, most people will be able to make it. in europe itll be around 6pm, and on the west coast itll be 9am, but in australia, unfortunately, itll be around 1am. but most people could make it.

I see. Sorry, I miss understood you the first time. Thats cool.


If we all do drops at the same time, do you think people sleeping in Istanbul will feel it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think we had over 400 people riding at Unicon X in China. And we were all in the same place, Tiananmen Square! I don’t know if you could generate anything like that through this forum. Even if you did, there’s no way to prove it happened without a lot of messy recordkeeping and affidavits for each location where somebody rode. In other words, not something you’re going to want to present to the Guinness people.

We might have had more people riding in the entry parades at Unicons III or XII (Japan) as well, though they might not have all been riding at the same time. Those would be great records to beat!

They are setting up records here in germany some times. Longest line of unicyclists holding hands and riding was with ~1100 people. Don’t know exactly but that around that number…


As I recall, we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 riders in the parade through downtown Seattle at UNICON 11. The reactions of the television announcers still cracks me up.

“assimilation of unicyclists” is an interesting word choice.

Of course! I should remember that, I’m the one who put them into a semblance of order! Another 400. That 1100 sounds pretty darn amazing! What event was that at?

Please share some of those announcer comments with the group, will you? :slight_smile: