World Record...

Surly this has been beaten???


UNoficially it has been beaten many times… he just did in in a guiness studio strait down onto slick concrete…


yeah people have beaten it… just not in official circumstances, i guess theres just too much red tape… another point to mention is that not many people really like dropping to hard flat concrete.

but if you are ever lucky enough to be on a guiness TV show go for it. they pay for any broken parts you may have endured while you are trying the stunt.

yea i have seen heaps of people do higher drops but they havent all been onto flat concrete and the werent seen by any word record people to calssify it as a world record.

cheers, keep it wheel.

Does that include bones?

yeh i thort it must have been beaten.i dnt like dropping to flat atall ive done a 4 foot drop but no more my knees cant hack it.


also this one too

I don’t think that was a world record when it was just done

It isn’t that it is actualy a record it is that it is the only official record, if you want to try and get the people together to try and beat it then go ahead but thats almost as much work as actualy doing the record.

who is alex toms? im probably making a fool out of myself but had any body heard of him before?

See the guy up there /\ /\ /? The guy called Tomsey? Thats him.