world record??

does anyone know the world record for highest sidehop?. and how about the highest rolling hop? and last question does anyone have video of this

You need to make some distinctions. Over a bar, or onto something?

Zack Baldwin very may well have the world record sidehop onto an object, at just over 100cm. Ryan Atkins has made 97cm, and probably 1m by now too, though. I don’t know if Kris ever reached a meter. As for rolling hops, it’s somewhere aroound a meter, but I don’t know who has it. Do a search, as this has been previously discussed, although the records could be slightly off by now.

thats what i was thinkin is i did do a search bu tthey were all ols threads and none had videos

i dont know about they other guys, but i got 98 yesterday rollin

it looks exactly the same as dan heatons 7 pallet hop in U2…

so its nothing new. dan was doing it ages ago… the sidehop ive never seen b4… that was awesome.

98 cm right lol hey no one has posted your freakin video and I wan to see it

Dude, what’s your problem? :thinking: You start a thread asking people about high hops, and then when people reply, you bash on them? I would hope that Tomsey refrains from posting a video if he got’s one because you are far too un-deserving to view it.

oh, and for the record, I can hop up onto a whopping high 12 inch platform, (30 cm). :smiley:

I was only joking buddy. Besides i think Tomsey is awsome and I also think you should chillout a little and go for a ride

Dan heaton has rolling hopped a meter.