World Record- Longest unicycle grind by Alex Toms

I got hold of this video and downloaded it from another site and uploaded it to youtube. It’s a video of Alex Toms officially completeing a 2.76m grind for the world record. (I think some of you experienced riders here can do more than that!)

looks cool :roll_eyes: but I also think chaun,… can do this! :smiley:
what is the record he want to break wen he was in the studio? highest drop? do you have that on tape? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


i remember seeing that on tv, thanks for posting man. what a nut!

Nice to see some aussie riders on tv think this is old though

yeah a couple of years ago.

Didn’t some one do a longer grind on Defect? It was on a wooden rail.


What about this one? :roll_eyes:

I think that many people could grind that far (many meaning more than 4 :P)

Especially if you grind on the cranks/bearing caps.

I disagree. Thin, flat rail like that, would be better balanced to grind on the pedal.

The rail in defect was bigger but wasn’t a wooden rail lol… But I guess the rail in defect wasn’t “guinness world record official”. But who cares, unofficial world records are always better then official records.

It a nice rail, but its silly making people think that its a WORLD RECORD, when really its just a “Guinness world record”.

But yeah, cool to see this made it to TV.

ya, people have done much bigger before…

I mean that one guy did a grind for 100 yd. :wink:

its funny to me that she said that he broke the world record, but no one had ever attempted that before

I think the longest grind was in LIFE.

Krisz grind? Yeah that was nice.

But i’m sure the longest grind would just be some random guy messing around on a waxed, sloped, flat ledge.

As for the longest handrail grind. I don’t think anyone has gone bigger then a 15. But if people had nice rails that were bigger then 15, I’m sure they’d try them. I know I would.
(Yes the rail in defect was a 15)

I am pretty sure that is Benny who grinds the long rail in LIFE.

I’ve heard rumors of a french guy called Bigtouf who grinded a 25 set. Enzo was telling me about it and they mention it in Switch 3. Apparently they didn’t film it so you can believe it if you want :wink:

It looks like Krisz to me. And why would they have one clip of Benny in Krisz’s section?

Yeah there have obviously been bigger handrail grinds than this. If I remember right this is a 10 set. I’m sure lots of people could do 20+ sets if the rail wasn’t too steep. And grinding a ledge would be really easy to grind further than this. You could almost grind forever lol.

So did he also set the record for biggest drop?

Yeah I guess its probably Krisz since its his helmet and uni, I just thought the rider looked like Benny.
Watch this vid.

Awesome. Are there any other good vids of those 2 on the Hungarian forums?

Not that I’ve seen, but I can’t read anything so I just click random things. :wink:

edit- I found this, it looks pretty old.

Benny didn’t appear in Life as i know…
but I’m sure that it was Krisz who grinded that rail.

  1. I think if you were going to attempt the record, you would have to get the right angle because it would kinda be “cheating” if you had it at an angle that will advantage you.

  2. Yes, Alex Toms also breaks the record (or sets) for the highest successful drop on a unicycle. Although I haven’t got any footage of this, I saw this on TV years ago and he attempted 3 meters but he couldn’t get that so He ended up getting the record of 2.5m successfully.