World Record List

At the moment we try to separate male and female unicycle worldrecords from our list at It would be nice if you can help us if you know a worldrecord which is missing please sent me a private message or mail (lutz (attt) You can find the record list here

High Jump

I thought that mark and Joe both landed 130cm on the high jump.


They did land 130cm but it wasnt over a has to be over a bar to be official and it is much harder over a bar.

It was not in a competition there was no high jump to obstacle competition at unicon. Fabian Mark did 1.22m in the tie break but that sadly cant count as a record because he only did it in the tie break competition.

Over the Bar

So they both tied on the pallets and bar?

By the way why is it so much harder making over the bar?
I am no where near that level but I succede in jumping up on to park benches and also over chained off sections of lawn where the chain height is the same as benches.


Preference. I find it easier to go over a bar cause I can just put everything into the jump. If I dont make it, oh well, I just land, step off the uni, put the bar back up, try again.

A big ledge is also easy cause my chance of getting hurt is very low.

Its jsut what youa re used to and how your mind reacts to the object.

a bar is much harder because you have to get the cranks and pedals over the bar aswell when jumping onto something you only have to get the tyre on.

Cranks and Tires

The cranks and tires are higher up than the tire so I don’t see why it should be a problem. Maybe the big jumpers are grabbing onto the pallets with just the front and not bottom part of the tire and then riding up the last 10cm or so. However after looking at quite a few movies this does not seem to be the case. I see both Joe and Fabian landing with the bottom of the tire squarely on the pallets. It would be interesting hearing about this from a 90cm + jumper.


If you barely clear the bar with the t(i/y)re, odds are on the way down you will hit the bar with your crank or pedal. If you don’t gap far enough over, you will hit the bar for sure. I’ve done this many times. You need more height, and you need to gap farther in order to clear a bar compared to landing on a ledge.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about injury as much since it is far more controlled (reliable landing, bar that falls off, landing on the ground…)

Done my threadjack :slight_smile:

I can jump 95cm onto something and 88cm over a is much harder for the bar because you need more sideways momentum to get the whole uni over and onto an object you can work more on the height and hit the corner of it with the tyre.You might want to try it yourself if you dont believe me.Im pretty sure if it wasnt harder joe and fabian would have gotten 130cm over the bar

I can get 95 over a bar and pretty high onto something.

My problem (im a si rolling hopper) is that simpely on my way down I’ll tap the bar with my tyre. When jumping onto a ledge, I can hit the ledge with the front of my tyre and I’ll still be able to get up it.

Thanks for the Replys

Thanks for the replies. I ride mostly MUni and have never tried jumping over a bar but what you write makes sense.


Comments on the list for Lutz:

  • Gliding should be listed as “Track Gliding” (it’s not meaningful if done on a hill)

  • Coasting should be listed as “Track Coasting” (same reason)

  • If 122 cm was reached in the Unicon 14 High Jump competition (tiebreaker) why should it not be counted? Same bar? same officials in charge? I would consider it part of the competition for sure.

  • The Stillstand record listed was done as an informal competition. There are no IUF rules to cover parameters for stillstand so I would consider it less “official” than the 122 cm in the High Jump. In other words, how much wheel movement is allowed for it to be considered a stillstand?

  • The “plain” 10km should possibly be listed as “10km with track unicycles” or similar to avoid confusion.

  • Congratulations to Rocco Shultz on his new Obstacle Course record! I knew that was a fast track, and there was a great chance for new records. I held the Obstacle Course record from Unicon 1 - 11.

Thank you for the input. I will change some things later that day.

I talked about the high jump record with Conny and we both sayed that you cant count it because Joe and Fabian had more then two tries for each hight, in the IUF rules it says that you only have two and they had four because of the tie break.

Understood. And I agree with that. Something for people to keep in mind if they do record-breaking jumps on their own. A competition record is different because you don’t get unlimited tries.

122 cm might be listed as an outside-competition record, set under the same conditions as a Unicon event; just not counting as a Unicon or “world” record.