World Record- Highest drop on a unicycle

in 2005 i was watching tv and saw a guy break the world record of dropping 3 meters (10 foot i think) of a platform and landing it. it wouldnt be too hard if you just practice would it?

I think you saw a guinness world record there are many people who droped higher than that but without making it official for guinness.

that was either Alex toms from sydney or Rhys Kember from Canberra. Alex did it on the TV show filmed here in Oz a few years ago and Rhys was going to try to break it (not sure if it ended up happening though).
I think it is a bit of a silly record to go for though. Alex busted a few sets of Profile cranks doing it and Rhys wrecked his ankle in prep for his attempt. I don’t know if the record goes to the guy with the most skill, or the guy who is willing to punish himself and his equipment more.

Anyone can jump off a higher building than the last guy. But is that a display of skill, or of stupidity? :astonished:

To be meaningful, those drop records probably have to be to flat. And then the softness of the landing surface should be consistent as well. To make it more sensible, it should be something with some “give,” like the tire with a piece of plywood on top. Here’s Joe Hodges showing us an example from Unicon XIII (just remove the gap and Jeff Groves’ mom from underneath!). Jumping to anything hard is just bad for you.

Higher drops have been done to sloped surfaces, which is a lot easier on the body but then you get into differences in the height vs. landing angles, landing surface, etc.

the best surface to land on in my oppinion is pavement. it sucks a lot more to wipe out on. but if you start to pedal as soon as you land your gonna tend to just step off if you cant keep it together. just make sure your feet are on the pedals properly. if your to far on your toes your gonna cause a lot of hurt to your ankles.

would anyone be interested in starting a friendly drop comp?

But they still have to land it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in a way I agree, dropping high just for the sake of dropping high does seem rather silly. But if people want to brake their uni’s, and themselves, fine.

A lot of you are talking like if you start doing big drops you are guranteed to break yourself and your unicycle just like that.

If you are landing right, you wont be breaking anything for a long time.

Big drops is a skill. You mess up the skill, you mess up yourself, or your uni. Learn the right technique to landing and absorbing impact and youll be fine.

My biggest, successful drops were in the 7 foot range, but I also had plenty of run-up if it was a rolling hop, and at least a little downslope if it was a static drop-usually side to front with some decent outward projection, so I could roll out easier. I won’t be doing any more drops to dead flat, unless I have plenty of room to get sufficient forward momentum to easily roll out, like the 8 set I did.

Surely the biggest drop you can do is more or less defined as the furthest you can go wihtout breaking yourself or your uni? If you keep going bigger and bigger you are garaunted to break something eventually.

To a certain extent, yes.

Yep, even the best can get hurt, regardless of great technique. They’re human, even the great Kris Holm.:slight_smile: Btw, any word on how he’s doing?

was it 10 Feet to Flat? Like… Cement. cause Yoggi Busted a 15 foot one, its on U2b Somewhere, Search it up.

Doesn’t he land on a tyre? And he falls off.

i know that alex’s attempt that was filmed for Oz tv was to dead flat polished concrete. I’m not such a huge fan of dropping just for the sake of it- if i come across a nice rop in a muni run though i will try to bomb it- find that much more rewarding and fun than searching for stuff to punish my ankles, knees and cranks on.

Consider the impact on your bones (spine, knees, back, ankles, foot), your (fullgrown?) muscles, your brain (…[insert predictable custom joke here]), and maybe your unicycle, against what you gain from practice a very-very huge jump…
Then -asuming you can do a large or huge jump already- why practice if you don’t have a spare body…?

Bytheway, what’s so (short-term) cool of huge jumps if it (long-term) demolished your body (as proofed by others), is doing so then truly that satisfieng?
If so, can you please explain/word it?
cause I (and probably others to) am seriously interrested to hear it.