World record-breaking unicycle ride!

Hello to you all!

My name is Chris Savage and I’m working with a man named Lars
Clausen who is soon to embark on a Guiness World Record ™
setting unicycle ride from Neah Bay in the northwest tip of
Washington State to the Statue of Liberty in New York City, nearly
5,000 miles!

Lars is a Lutheran pastor and is doing this in part to raise $5 million
for Alaska’s Seward Peninsula Lutheran Ministry Endowment Fund.
This Fund will benefit the Inupiat people of Alaska (a native group).
The name of this project is ONE WHEEL - MANY SPOKES.

I’m writing to you to invite you to participate in this exciting and
worthwhile event in any way you find appropriate. Some ideas:

  1. Join Lars by riding with him for a while.
  2. Spread the word to your unicycling friends and associates.
  3. Follow Lars’ trip on his website (
    through his “Rider’s Journal”.
  4. Follow his trip by signing up for his email mailing list by sending
    an email to If you do this, please let
    him know how you found out about it!
  5. Make a financial contribution to ONE WHEEL - MANY
  6. Organize a unicycle-related fundraiser for the Endowment Fund.
  7. Be a host site for Lars and his family as they pass through your
  8. <insert your terrific idea here!>

If you are interested in more information, please visit Lars’ website
or send me an email. On the website you’ll find his itinerary,
information about the Endowment Fund and frequent updates
about the project as it develops. We hope to hear from you soon!

Kind Regards,
Chris Savage

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and understandin’?
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