world record attempt

whats the record for the highest drop on a unicycle?
im planning one thats about 40foot to go on my video… would this put me at the top? and how would i get it recognised as a world record?

40ft wow! Good Luck! you’re very brave i’ve done so far about…4 cm :stuck_out_tongue:

its into water… am i less cool now?
should i get some sperm frozen first incase i ever wanna have babies?


but youll all laugh when i have to have my7 sorry, unconcious ass rescued… which is the important thing…

I’ve got a vid of someone doin a HUGE drop into water, its impressive. But it’s been done before so I don’t think you’ll be in the record books pal and seein as its into water its not exactly Xtreme but still it’ll add somethin kool and different to your film.

fine! but have it on your conscience when i die doing forty feet to 'crete :wink:

haha maybe you should start writing a will as well… and maybe pick a song for your funeral? maybe ‘i will survive’ just a thought, not trying to suggest anytthing…

how about “indestructable” by rancid…
or “giving gravity a hand” by ten foot pole?

Yes, but you’re also a lot less stupid.

So you want to set a record for dropping into water “on” a unicycle? Don’t know the previous mark for that one, but don’t think it’s something Guinness would be interested in listing either.

I’ve heard stories of at least two different people skydiving on unicycles. I don’t know if either of them were able to ride away from their landings, but you weren’t planning to either. I think they’ve got you beat.

For a “real” drop record, you’d probably have to divide it up into landing types. First, I’d think it only matters if you ride away. Then, there would be different degrees of difficulty for angle of landing surface, and what it’s made out of. Rock would count the most, followed by concrete, asphalt, gravel, etc.

i think its about 14 feet by kris but it was into to snow so i dont really count it, i think for it to count it should be to flat or a wooden or dirt tranny. Not snow or water ( or sand )


In UNiVERsE II, Sem Abrahams does a really huge drop into water on his uni. I don’t know the height, though.

It was somewhere around 80’. Sorry north, but you lose. Don’t bother, it doesn’t even look that cool. Ryan Atkins has done 20’, and I tell you, I find video of those drops kinda stupid.

As for dropping into snow, I think much less of anyone who is ignorant enough to discount 14’ as a dropping record because it had some snow at the bottom. Snow is realtively solid water, and from 14’, even water feels like cement, so snow can’t be all that great. Also, who’s gonna be the dumba$$ who tries to break a 14’ drop to flat. I wouldn’t even do that with my feet! They may get your respect, but I don’t think anyone comes out a winner in that scenario. That’s like the in line skater who aired a 25-35 set (BIG), and when he landed his left shin snapped and popped the bone through the front of his leg, and the left shin popped off the leg at the knee, breaking through the skin. He got the record, and landed it, but was he really a winner?

Also, Kris has done 16’ onto sand before, or so I hear.

I don’t care what solid you land on, a big drop is a big drop. And also, who cares about the drop record that much? There’s so much more to unicycling than how far you can abuse your body and unicycle before you decide that something ain’t right.

Here is the big drop into water in Universe 2. I think it’s Karl. I don’t know how high it was.


I asked Karl while we were in Moab, and he confirmed that it was him jumping into Lake Powell.

Well said.

clearly some one hasnt got enough skill to try drops like that so he argues about it to compensate for his lack of riding abilities :roll_eyes: i never said i wasnt impressed by the drop its just that i feel theres no real skill involved if u need something to help u pull off a move like landing in snow or sand ( or water ). Now if u were to use a dirt or wooden tranny then thats different because not only do u have to worry about the drop but u need to worry about were your gunna go after that.


p.s. i love starting flame wars:D

Re: world record attempt

I think you should GO FOR IT! You’ll be cool… You’ll be popular… Everyone is doing it… All the girls at school will like you… It will make you look dangerous. Did I mention you’ll be cool?

But seriously, there are much more impressive things you can do on a unicycle. The technical steeps that take several presision steps is much more impressive and takes more skill; and you have far less chance of bustin’ your gord if you miss. Going back up the same is even more impressive. Many examples of this in Moab.

Like in whitewater kayaking. Most anyone can throw themselves off a 30+ foot waterfall into a deep rockless pool. The real skill is going down a class V rapid that has multiple 3-5 foot drops, holes, rocks and such.

That would be me then…

I know, but its fun…

Yes there are more impressive things i can do on a unicycle… and rest assured ill be doing them, but whether you guys like silly stunts or not (which is more than probably related to how much balls you yourselves have) i do… so ill do it and film it anyway, and we’ll see who laughs…

Damn straight I don’t have the skill to drop 14’, and nor do you!

BTW, I’ve landed 8’ to a dirt rollout. I’d be a dumbass to go bigger, as a big drop to a rollout is only fun to a point. If I were looking for more airtime, I wouldn’t be unicycling, I’d be skydiving!