World Juggling Day in the Lake District

I was just wondering if anybody is thinking of riding up in the Lakes (UK) on World Juggling Day weekend 16-18th of June?


What sort of event is it and how much does it cost?

The event is a relaxed weekend in the lake district in the middle of some wonderful countryside

it’s basically frre, you just have to pay for camping which is something like £1.50 per person, per tent, per night

I think for me and the wife it worked out at £12 for the whole weekend last year.

There will be a few of us from leicester there with our muni’s and a few other people normally turn up too. Roger Davies at UDC quite often attends although he wasn’t sure about this year when I last spoke to him.

If I was the organising sort I would make it into a combined world juggling day and british muni weekend but I’m not, great place to base yourself for a few rides though.

if you want more details check out

hope to see a few of you there.


So is anyone going to this or is it just going to be the 4 or 5 unicyclists from Leicester who are going?

I’m really looking forward to it as it is a great weekend and this will be my first year there using it as a base for some muni not just juggling and sitting in a field enjoying the company


I think we’re going and would like any info anyone may have about cross country or very easy MUni that I could try in the area.


Just thought I would ressurect this thread as World Juggling day is this weekend

Feel free to come and join the fun in hawkshead where we will be basing ourselves for a number of muni rides and maybe a few cross country rides too.

Should be a barbeque for whoever want to use it as usual and all the fun normally associated with this wonderful weekend.

Hope to see plenty of you there


Are you meeting at any particular time?


I’ll be there all weekend and Roger from UDC should be around too from what I’m told.

Forgot to mention too, Video from last year can be found at


I’m looking forward to the sunburn already