World famous in Nelson

Yay I finally got in the paper!
The reporter interviewed me on monday about the NZUNI weekend and told be I would definatley be in on Tuesday (the next day) so its been much to my distress (not really) to find the last TWO days there’s been nothing!
But today they finally got it in - of course because of some foriegn election they seem to have just had I didn’t get on the front page. But third instead (which I think is best after first page because its the first thing you see when you turn the page).
I’m pretty pleased with the article, they didn’t make me out to be a clown or anything, and put accross what I said fairly well…but the photo…well lets just say im pulling the most messed up facials ever, my mouth is wide open and i look like a gold-fish. But oh well I guess you can’t have it all.
Anyway the articles online here if you want to take a look.
If anybody wants I can scan a copy of the article from the paper and post it, but its exactly the same one the net I think.

Niice article! I like the picture, it makes you look insane, in a good way. ( :

15 year old…college student?

Over here college is…dunno what you call it…what you go to between 13-17

high school?

College=High School in New Zealand

Well done Pete, I just saw the online version two minutes ago:,2106,3086511a11,00.html

That’s an awesome pic. Could you post the full article? I dont’ think the online version will be online for more that 24hrs


dod your gona try to beat dan heaton and kris holms with 8 mo of expirence… i’d like to seee that

Learn to read. He didn’t say that. He said he wants to get better at unicycling, and eventually pursue a career as a profeesional unicyclist. I wish him luck.

I didn’t really say that either, I told the reporters it would be cool if I could somehow get some kind of career in unicycling (knowing I never will), and the reporter kind of made it sound like I had said I want to become a pro or whatever. Also I didn’t say i was gonna beat Kris Holm and Dan Heaton I said they’re who I look up to. Anyway enough of that.
I just got a phone call from a guy who’s organising a really big show thing here, (they call it an AMP show), anyway it has fun rides, games, competitions, animals, basically like a big carnival, and he’s having some bike trials riders and some big-air motorcross riders there and he wants me to do a bit of demo before or after their events - he’s also going to pay me for it (a lot more then i’d expect)! All this only a few hours after the paper came out! Im very surprised. Its amazing what a bit of media coverage can do.
Anyway here’s a copy of the article:

I am fond of “wheelie good”

Great picture!

Congratulations - that’s a nice article and I like the photo. Although I am jealous you learned so much so fast.

—Nathan, wanting to emmigrate…New Zealand would be fine

In the paper eh? That’s worth popping open an L&P.

If you go, can I go with you? I’ve been there once, and I’m dying to go again.

Nice article, by the way.

Edit: I just noticed that you go to Waimea College. My dad grew up in Waimea and went to Waimea High. Of couse, my dad’s was the Waimea in Kauai, Hawaii.


Re: World famous in Nelson

On Wed, 3 Nov 2004 22:18:39 -0600, “ben_unruh” wrote:

>dod your gona try to beat
The article said EMULATE

>dan heaton and kris holms with 8 mo
The article said TEN MONTHS

>of expirence… i’d like to seee that
Me too, in a positive way.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I figure it’s pretty clear that offroad unicycling is a stupid thing to do - joemarshall

Isnt Waimea the place ive seen so many times in surfing videos!?
thats CRAZY! :astonished: …That expression is CRAZY too, munimanpete! haha. Nice job getting in the paper AND scoring a little job too! I’m envious.

take care. -e

Actually, that’s but another Waimea.
[thread jack] I love Waimea bay. Last time we were there, there was a full pod of Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. I was able to swim up to them and watch their aerial show from 10 feet away[/thread jack]

Back on topic, mad props to my main muni man pete. I remember the first time I was in the paper. It was under the heading “Out there”.

Well done getting into the newspaper, Pete! You may look like a startled goldfish, but the in photo of me in the Dominion Post I’m making a seriously monkey face… i don’t know which is preferable, monkey or stunned mullet…

Well done, anyway Pete!

no one near me would appreciate unicycling enough to put it in a newspaper

Good for you Pete !
The photo is fine ! … just looks like your having a good time to me !
(Michael Jordan has a tongue outta the mouth when he’s having fun :slight_smile: )

P.S. Where’s your helmet …?
(Should always show safety to any future learners)

yeah…I don’t actually own a helmet. I guess I should, I may buy one oneday, but I hate helmets. Maybe if I end out doing the demo in Hamilton I’ll buy one.

Power to the pete-ple hehehe good on ya man, i love the facial expression :slight_smile: and good on you for wanting to be like kris and dan, the sky’s the limit…