World famous "BETTY" returns !!!

Great news !!!

“Betty” will be back in more ways than one.
New T-shirts, stickers, posters and more coming soon.

I just got the lastest final drawing today.

For all the people who had issues with her only having a bathing suit bottom on will be pleased
I’m sure.
This time she is riding the unicycle, wearing cycling shorts with a skirt over them and has shoes on !

Gotta love how cute she is !!!

Here is the link to the first shirt:

I will post a preview of the second shirt as soon as I can.


Bedford Unicycles
info at bedfordunicycles dot ca

Try this link:


This for sure under Bedford T-shirts:


I definitely want one- do you do overseas orders?

Sure do, I ship worldwide daily.

More info when the items are ready to ship.


Can’t wait to get mine!:slight_smile:

Hey Darren are the infamous Betty stickers small enough to fit on a frame?

I want a shirt and a few stickers! :slight_smile: Be sure and make another post when the shirts are finally ready to buy so I remember.


The stickers are most likely going to be a little to big for a unicycle frame. I am thinking about
5" tall at this point.

Check out the sites front page for a preview.
A new product and price list will be there soon !


Betty is looking fine!

Hi Darren,

I want one also … it’s a ‘punk’ look’n shirt :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your new site / product list…
(Xmas is comming soon :slight_smile: )

P.S. …anyone got a pic of the old ‘no-top Betty’ shirt …?


The link to the first BETTY picture is in the second reply to this post.


Re: World famous “BETTY” returns !!!

They better not be Nikes. :angry: :wink:

Hmmmm :confused: … I guess I’m blind … hehe … I still couldn’t find it…

Or, maybe I’m confused… The 1st Betty has ‘no top’ …?

The new betty has the ‘red top’ on her chest …?

i’m liking the new betty darren!
nothing like a hot chick wearing a**-kicking boots! :slight_smile:

I think I may be headed up to Toronto in a few weeks, I’m going to have to stop by the shop and pick up another Betty T, this one is hot.

… with gas around $2.20a gallon , I’ll have mine delivered :slight_smile: