world cup

there is no music, so just listen to a song you like while its playing or something.

everything is a little bit in slow motion.


if anyone knows how to compress they are welcome to send it back to me so i can post it on youtube.

what is it? why is it so big?

a muni video.

it is really really high quality.

Really good Miles! Awesome looking trail almost Utah-like! I want to ride that trail. There are some great drops in there too!:smiley:

sorry that some of the rocks got cut out, but you can imagine what i was riding down…

thanks for the youtube version! i liked it a lot! your really good. i wish i had good trails likethat around here, i also wish i had a muni:D

I want to ride that trail SOON! I am willing to drive there pretty much anytime so anybody who lives near that trail let me know when you’re riding it again!:smiley:


yeah i used to do muni on my trials, but now that i have a muni it is so much nicer. I went from natural trialsing down trails to rolling down them.

:)I liked the HQ much better:)

It had some sound too.

Some of those lines seemed even knarlier :astonished:

Some killer drops there. Nicely done !!!

SICKKKK!!! you make it look easy maang! You did one of the drops that i simply don’t do haha.

Mt. Helix this saturday… w00t!

That was awesome Miles! You are a very talented Muni rider. :slight_smile:

I wish I had nice trails like that around here, There is some but its pretty odd…That video makes me want a muni and to ride muni.

Thanks for insipiring me :slight_smile:


Great riding, Miles!!!

THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!In voice of little kid from the Incredibles.

What size tire is that? I am a total newb but I would like to get into muni. There are lots of places where I live that would be really nice for muni.

thats a 24 by 3 Gazzaloddi

What/Who? Just curios.

its a tire.

24" x 3" Nokian Gazzaloddi

That was awesome, Miles! That trail looks sick! It looked pretty tech and you did it really flowy-like with barely any hops at all! Keep it up man.
I need to get down there sooooon…

yeah it was, and we have more like that!

if you come down here, there is 3 trails we should do…

Iron mountain, World Cup, and Shadow Mountain

Sounds great!
I’m starting to feel that I should do the whole west coast right now…