World Champion Unicyclists, please sign in


Let’s find out how many World Champion Unicyclists come here. You may be keeping your World Champion status quiet, but we want to know who you are!!

I’m a huge fan of Jamey Mossengren from Australia among the top World Champions whose fame follows him, as you can see:

If they keep it quiet, you can tell us about them, whether or not you are a BIG fan.

I guess we would have to settle on a definition of what qualifies one as a world champion. The strictest definition would probably be someone who has won first place in a non-divided (by age or skill group) competition event at an IUF World Championships competition, aka Unicon.

Other unicycle competition events, ones that are not available at Unicon, could claim an ability to generate world champions, though people may argue if it’s a “true” world championship if not recognized by the IUF. These issues haven’t really come up yet, so there’s not a policy for such things.

Winning an age group event at Unicon indicates you were best out of that age group, so that can also be claimed as a world champion performance, but you are only the world champion of your age group, and cannot claim to be the world champion of the larger event.

For publicity purposes, people claim to be world champions all the time and in some cases, never even competed at a Unicon. By the same token, one might give accurate, detailed information to a newspaper, who will then just print that you are the “world champion of unicycling” or something.

World record holder and world champion are mutually exclusive. Records can be set anywhere, but if it wasn’t part of a world champion competition event, it doesn’t make you a world champion.

Jamey is an amazing, strong unicyclist and probably has several world champion titles though I don’t know which. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

Pairs Freestyle, Unicon I
Individual Freestyle, Unicons II, III and IV
Standard Skill, Unicon IV
Overall Track, Unicon IV
(There was no overall track title at Unicons I-III)
UMX/MUni, Unicon VII (there was just the one XC race)

They must be shy, or they didn’t read your definition, or it’s too exclusive.

I’d like to see LOTS of world champions, do they post here?

I follow the definition it means ‘overall’ World Champions, and not age group champions.

Of the road racing unicyclists- Scott Wilton posts (UNICON XV 10km World Champ) as scotthue.

Corbin Dunn (Unicon XV Marathon World Champ) posts as Corbin.

Chuck Edwall hasn’t posted in a while (UNICON XIV 10km and Marathon)- posts as chuckaeronut

And me :): UNICON XIII Marathon

I’m here!

Of course, most of the UNICON Champions don’t come to the English language site …

Is unicycling dominated by non-English-speaking nations?

Max Schulze (trials 2010) and Chris Hurrawai (street 2010) are some more current world champs who use the forums. I have used my age group World Title in XC (2010) for promotional reasons (as well as for approaching MTB race organisers to get the ok for entering their races). I hope to make that an overall world champion title later on this year- but we’ll have to wait and see.

Huriwai :wink: hahaha

Dirty Needlez.

Eli Brill posts here… He was the North American 2010 Flat champion.

I guess that isn’t World Champion by the strictest definition, but I’m rooting for him at Unicon this year!

Yes, contrary to the belief of many Americans, North America is not the world. :slight_smile: But if Eli bested Max at NAUCC, he definitely has a solid chance of winning it all this summer at Unicon!

This year’s unicon is going to be fun for the distance racing. Scott now has a geared 36, and will be unstoppable! And Chuck is coming too. It’ll be fun for sure :slight_smile:


Speed records will be broken, for sure!!!

Distance racing is my favorite discipline! Now I’m even more jealous that I can’t go. I couldn’t keep up with the front runners, but I’d have fun trying.