Workshops at UNICON14

Hello everybody

We just started planning all the workshops for the upcoming UNICON, and we need your help and ideas.
What kind of workshops would you like to see at UNICON, and (very important) who do you think would be able to lead these workshops?

Maybe you want to run a workshop yourself or maybe you know someone who would be perfect for a specific workshop?

We have put the workshops into 3 categories:

1: Unicycling
Could be:
Unicycle games/competitions (sumo, best trick, etc)
Unicycle rides (Muni, distance, street tours etc)
Teaching unicycling (Schlumpf, japanese, etc)

2: Talking about unicycling:
could be:

3: Other
Could be:
Video competitions
Disc golf tournament
Boot dance

We look forward to hear from you and to see you all at UNICON!

Greetings Katia and Emma

1: Unicycling
Could be:
Best Trick!

2: Talking about unicycling:
could be:
I think that something about health… Everiday we have more unicyclists and PRO unicyclists… Will be good a help in this way i think… Or something about techincal info… New technologies… (Maybe some developer from Koxx or other industrie can teach us )

3: Other
Could be:
Video competitions!!!

And i’m trying here in Brazil to find a sponsor to go to UNICON :smiley:
My father can give me the Tickets (airplane)… But i will need money to the charges, hotel (camping or schools), food and other stuff!


We are not going to let this thread die yet. Please help us if you have some ideas for workshops! What about some new uni-games?

I think it would be interesting to have a workshop on doing self supported unicycle tours (rides that last at least 2 days/1 night). How to pack a light backpack, what tools to bring, what to expect, how to train, what sleeping gear to bring, etc.

I am no expert yet, but I have a few rides under my belt…and I hope to test out a few different set ups for weekend adventures in order to train for a few adventure rides I have in mind.

I could possibly do the workshop (if I make it to unicon), but there could be other riders that are probably more experienced with this sort of thing.

we did an “old geezers” forum at last UNICON (two danish participants BTW).

  • how it is to be an “old geezers” on one wheel
  • how to advertise our sports amongst “still young people” (for instance specific videos)

and so on …

this should be done again!
(but I probably won’t be able to be here,)

This thread definitely needs more attention…:slight_smile:

Siafirede, great idea! When will you know if you can make it to unicon, and in case you can’t do you have any ideas who else would be able to lead a workshop like this?

Wobbling bear, great idea too, who would you suggest could lead this kind of workshop?

Right now we have some ideas for workshops but we don’t really know who to ask to lead, so please come up with ideas!

Anyone might thought about planning some distance/muni/street tours? then we would love to hear from you!

We had a fun disc golf tournament last unicon and it was loads of fun. I helped organized it and would do it again. Does anyone know if there is a disc golf course nearby? Otherwise it might not work out…

Another “unofficial” one is a beersketball workshop/championship. We’ve done something like this the last two unicons and it seems to be a hit! I’d for sure help organize this one!

And I don’t know if there are any good muni trails nearby but it’d be great to have some fun muni rides.

I would be glad to help put on a disc golf tournament with Jamie as in Switzerland. We could play at this course in Copenhagen: which looks decent. It’s 4km out of town by car or a 5 min walk from the train station. The actual website of the park is only in Danish:

Description: Beautiful long, diverse and scenic - with small lakes, trees and a hill in a well kept park. The fairways range from open to semi-wooded. Challenges on every hole. Easy to navigate. 3 tees per hole.


Is there going to be beer pong? I heard great things about it last year and it would be a shame to miss out on it this year.

I’m happy to do a Unicycle Tour workshop like we had at last Unicon. I’ll bring my laptop and we can show some footage. I wonder if there are any projectors we could use? I’ll talk about the next Unitour as well.

We like to call it Beersketball but it’s pretty much the same thing as beer pong! And yes, hopefully we’ll be able to play it sometime during Unicon!

Klaas Bill will you be there? (I’ll ask Zip from France)
Now there are more and more fifty-somethings on one wheel: standup grey geezers!

finally some news about workshops at UNICON:

Check out to see which workshops we have planned (but not scheduled yet) so far.
Only workshops with leaders are shown, so if you think a workshop is missing, it might be because we need a leader.
Feel free to suggest workshops and leaders. The more help we get from you the better!

Some of the workshops only have information in danish and some only in english. We hope to get everything translated soon.

Katia and Emma


Check out the unicon workshops here:
…Something has happened since last update, but we still need a lot of leaders!

A few workshops that we hope someone might want to lead:

Old geezers

Advanced non skill level tricks

Trial workshop advanced

Trial workshop beginners

Sumo competition

Workshops we want to have every day or close to every day, with new leaders for every ride:

Daily MUni rides

Daily distance

Trial/street/flat/freestyle in Copenhagen

We have only heard from a few people who want to help with the daily distance, so we really need to hear from some more people, who can help us with some of the different kind of rides.

-Emma & Katia

yes disc golf last time was great, it would eb great to do that again

Maybe a wheel building workshop would be a good idea? I think Roger from UDC Uk put one on last time.

Beer pong is a rather more casual affair, really not the kind of thing you wnat to timetable, but I;ve no doubt it will be popular again this year.

Hi Emma and Katia.

Every October there is a 104km offroad race north of Copenhagen. It’s all arranged by the owner of Øbro cykler in Hillerød. Maybe we could get some details/help from him? It links two forrests, Store Dyrehave and Gribskov. I know most of the area and could potentially lead this.

Cheers - Tue

Take a look at the unicon home page, almost all workshops are now scheduled!

You will might notice that some workshops are missing. We haven’t been able to find leaders for all the workshops that we wanted.

Instead we will make it possible for people to plan and announce “spontaneous workshops” during unicon. Spontaneous workshops can be everything from long distance to trial for beginners or hand ww races. -whatever you think is missing.

We are not really happy about the lack of daily rides (muni, distance and street/trial) in the workshop program, but we will get some information about different bike and muni paths in the copenhagen area, and we will try to find some good spots for street, flat and trial in copenhagen. All this information will be available at unicon, and hopefully YOU will arrange some tours and invite rest of unicon:)

We look forward to seeing you

-Katia and Emma