Workshops at NAUCC 2006 - Memphis

The Memphis Unicycle Club is busily planning the NAUCC 2006 - Memphis.

We are planning riding skills related workshops (such as how to jump high, ride skinnies, wheel-walk, etc.) and organizational / info workshops (such as how to start a unicyle club.)

What workshops topics would you like to see offered?


I would say have another Unicycle Sumo workshop like at NAUCC 2005. That was a fun one.

Some workshops i would like to attend would probably be:

*skill level tester training
*spins and pireouttes
*stationary skills (i think they had one like this at NAUCC on tuesday or wednesday of the convention but i missed it. I didnt come till like thursday i think.)
*Creating a freestyle and/or standard skill routine
*hopping from a skinny to another skinny (technical gapping?)

Wheelbuilding/trueing/tensioning. You can read all the online tutorials you want but I think some people need to be there to learn it good. But I never really tried to actually learn it just by briefly looking at it, it looked confusing. You could get the stuff from UDC at half rate or something or just return it afterwards.