Workshop Coaches Wanted for 2001 NUC, Toronto

We are looking for experts in the Unicycling World that would like to conduct
workshops at the 2001 National Unicycling Convention, to be held in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada between July 15th and July 20, 2001. Besides improving the
general level of unicycling throughout the world, fellow unicyclists will bestow
on you unheard of levels of peer recognition.

Qualifications for workshop coaches include: -handsome/beautiful -excellent
communications skills -willingness to teach others your amazing skills -wicked
on one wheel

Ok, We’ll waive the first qualification.

If you are interested please write to with what
kind of workshop you want to conduct, your qualifications, and your contact

Information about the 2001 NUC is available from

Don Tai.

“Onwards, Forwards, Upwards We Go”

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