working but... day-dreams of unicyling

it’s 2pm in my cubicle at work and I am falling asleep.
All I can think about is riding my Coker through some trails.
Have been practicing on easy flat horse trails next to my home so I can learn to muni soon. Before uni, I enjoyed hiking on mountain trails alot.
Because my work hours from 10pm to 7pm, there is not much sunlight for me to uni after work. Tried uni to work but realized 20miles daily both ways is bit too long to ride(even on a Coker).
I had my Coker for 3 weeks but it feels as though I have ridden it only once.
Every night when I get home, I prefect my static mount.
Then wax my Coker with some anti-rust lubricant.
Am I neurotic and obsessed w/ my uni? :roll_eyes:
Hopefully by this Memorial Holiday weekend I can get my fill.
I am checking this forum constantly every 10min to see what other people are doing w/ their uni.
Looking at the clock, 5 more hours until I see my Coker…sigh. :frowning:

Dude, you need to take a vacation/sick day and just ride. Your going through uni withdrawals!

I hope (and assume) that you are exaggerating just a little. :slight_smile:

I agree. Call in sick. Go for a long ride. See Star Wars. Stop at an ice cream place. When you get home, do some small chore that you’ve been procrastinating. Then catch up on some reading. Then get to bed early and get a full night’s sleep.

After that special day (full of fun and accomplishment) and plenty of sleep, you will feel great. You will be more focused at work. And you won’t be falling asleep at work either (the day goes by much faster when you actually have the energy and the mindset to focus enthusiastically on work).

Be “bad” – call in sick. You will be more productive and happy in the days that follow, which is “good”. So, in this case, bad is good. Be bad!

“Am I neurotic and obsessed w/ my uni?
…Looking at the clock, 5 more hours until I see my Coker…sigh.”

Are you neurotic and obsessed - YES!
But probably no more than the rest of us - Welcome to the club.:smiley:

You are not alone.

Sometimes I get so obsessed with the unicycle that I think I am truly losing my mind.

It seems to hit in cycles. Sometimes, I am almost a normal human being, thinking of the unicycle about 1 time per minute. Other times, thoughts and ideas pretaining to the unicycle block out nearly everything else.

As I write this, it is 3 AM. Why have I been unable to sleep? Oh, I’ve just been tossing and turning trying to figure out why my riding has been rather crummy for the last 3 days, is it better to get a 29er or a coker (can’t afford either at the moment) or should I just break down and buy that cheap Sun 28er, or should I continue trying to get my distance going on my current 26er, finances toward buying a biggerwheeled unicycle not adding up, freemounting, crank arm sizes, running out of breath after riding for a mile–could it be that the seat is too low or too high, Damn, it looks like it might rain tomorrow, well what the hell, I could practice in the rain, should I carry on with the 26er, should I get a 29er or a coker, if I get a 29er, which one(?) if I get a coker, should I get a UDC stock, or a custom one, after all, if I’m going to get a coker, I might as well get one that will last forever, but where the Hell am I going to put it in my apartment (?) my wife will have an absolute fit if she catches me wheeling one of those big things into our flat, ok, so maybe the 29er, man, I wish I got a 29er last year instead of this 26er, but then you know what they say, it is difficult to learn on a 29er, so I got a 26er, and I like it enough, but it does not seem to be a distance vehicle I was hoping for, and yet, should I decide to do MUNI one day, I do have that 3 inch knobby tire hanging in the closet, and I could always use it for that, but maybe all of a sudden, I’ll get the hang of distance riding with my 26er and I’ll be abe to take a breather away from all these never ending questions that seem to bounce upon the interior of my skull forever…

Thus, another sleepless night.

Is it the unicycle that makes some of us obsessive?
Or are obsessive types drawn to things like the unicycle?

You need to be a little bit obsessive to ride a uni…What sane person falls a billion times and still gets back on? And thats only when you’re learning…Then to do trials, street, offroad, 24hr racing etc…You gotta be a bit “off” to be a unicyclist…

For my part, its the same…Dream about them…The Coker has starred in a lot of them…Whenever you go out you look around to see if you can ride that railing or that slope or those stairs…When I’m at work I look outside and its sunny and I wonder whether I should just leave and do something more gratifying…like unicycling…I’ve logged onto this site more than 20 times a day many a day…

Me too, all of those things.
Also I watch the weather more closely now. Still a relative beginner & rain/wind weather makes it very difficult. I’m gutted if the weather is bad. Actually it’s been pretty poor here all through May.
Anyway, sweet dreams. There are much worse things that we could spend all our time thinking about.

I seem to be guilty of a slightly different uni obssesion. I’ve just spent my lunch brak on admin tasks for the SW uni meet ( SWUM) and an keeping an eye on the IUF rules committee site in odd moments at work. Along with the Unicon 13 forum and organising the next SWUM… I seem to organise unicycling more than I ride these days, rather sad.

I’m a bit more of a newbe than the rest of you, I think, but it’s really fueling my obsession all the more. I’m able to free-mount all the time, can cover much longer distances than before and I’m hopping now. I feel sorry for my friends because I always bring the topic of conversation back to unicycling as of late even without meaning to. I wish they would all decide to learn to ride. I have gotten a couple of them trying.

Whenever my boss is out of the office I’m on this site or other unicycling sites…all I’ve been thinking about is my 24" Torker LX arriving at the LBS…they say Thursday or Friday it should get here. In the meantime, as soon as I get out of work I’m on my 20"! I’ve been covering miles on it, I’d say. Last night I broke my personal distance record, but my crotch is really feeling it today…awful soreness, but it didn’t stop me from riding to work this morning.

Last night I even met some cute girls that will be around this summer. Two of the three took a quick lesson in unicycling. They were even more impressed after they tried it. I told 'em I’d teach them this summer.

Uh-oh…boss is coming. Gotta look busy again.


That’s quite a long sentence. Right now, I’m reading a book that has a five-page sentence!

Anyway, I just bought a rain jacket thingy from Campmor. They have special ones for cycling, but mine is from the hiking/camping department (I couldn’t find the unicycle department). I’m going to use it for unicycling as well as hiking. It’s going to warm up into the low 70’s too, so, decked out in my cycling apparel and new jacket (with my grippy pedals too), I’m going to ignore the rain and ride every day. Every day. And if it’s warm enough, I won’t even use the jacket. I’ll just get wet. This change in mindset (actually, an act of desperation) was “precipitated” by the endless forecast for precipitation. Regardless of the weather, I am going to do some serious miles this weekend. And I am no longer upset about the endless rain.

So what’s the moral of this story?

  1. you can ignore the weather
  2. don’t resist your obsession, facilitate it

Also, it takes a long time to develop a light touch on the pedals (efficiency equals longer distances). It will come. Just keep doing what you are doing. Practice. And don’t forget – riding a one-wheel is supposed to be fun! Soon, we will be saying, “Look at him go. Look. At. Him. Go.”

What you said Denali struck me;
“What sane person falls a billion times and still gets back on?”
My theory is after being knocked down several times and/or UPD on your uni, a ‘bond’ forms between you and this inanimate object. That which gives you such pain in falling gives you such joy when you are finally successful riding it. Kind of like courting a girl and she rejects you over and over until she relents.

I guess we unicyclist like/want challenges. A year ago, people at my work thought I was crazy ordering a uni online on a whim without anyone to teach/show me how to ride it. But because I flashback/remembered taking off training wheels off my bicycle at age 7, I longed to recall that excitement again, so here I am. :slight_smile:
But, I do admire you freestyle guys cause I don’t have the guts to ride down 3inch rails or do 365 spin mounts yet.
For now I am just content going fast, faster, and fastest on the Coker with the incredibly-shrinking-cranks. :smiley:

LOL!!!:smiley: :slight_smile:

Re: working but… day-dreams of unicyling

On Wed, 25 May 2005 13:56:19 -0500, “uni57” wrote:

>dogbowl wrote:
>> *Oh, I’ve just been … <snippity snip snip snip> *
>That’s quite a long sentence.

I found it quite fitting that it contained the phrase “running out of
breath” :slight_smile:

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Re: Re: working but… day-dreams of unicyling

Ok, Ok… So I write long, endless sentences that just about go nowhere. I’m famous for that, I know.
Here is a short sentence. Even shorter. Very short. Happy?:stuck_out_tongue:

I know what yall mean. When im not doing anything, im unicycling. When im busy im thinking about it. My friends get annoyed cause thats all i talk about but who cares. Sometimes i get discouraged but then i think about all the people here and it helps me get pumped back up.

Yesterday, I went on a trail through the park.(Its a national park so it has alot of trails.) The only thing is that it was on a b*ke. Yeah im shocked that i did it but i wanted to see if it was compatible for a 28"unicycle. I believe that i will be going on it today. Its a long ways but it will be worth it.

When I ordered a new unicycle, i just wanted to go fast. Im kinda wondering why i bought a 28" when i could of saved up for a 29’er or maybe even a coker. O well i guess my Sun 28" is faster than my 20". Maybe, just maybe, some day i will get a coker. Well I guess i will report on my ride after it comes to the end.

Peace, Kelly.


My name is mucRider and I have been addicted to unicycling for 2 years…

It sure is nice to have this Unicyclers Anonymous forum so I can hear from others and know that I am not alone in my obsession for all things one-wheel. :roll_eyes:

Most people are the same, except with them it’s football.

Just reminded me of a joke:

What’s the difference between a drunk and an alcoholic?

Drunks don’t have to go to those stupid meetings.

Its me again. Reporting back from the ride I had this morning.

It was pretty good all around. Not many people in the park today. Im kinda suprised due to Memorial Weekend coming up. Well I probably rode around 6 to 7 miles on my Sun 28". It wasn’;t that bad cause i had my KH saddle on it.

The downsides of the ride were

  1. That i forgot my camelback backpack.
  2. Some little bug stung the p*ss out of me halfway through the ride.
  3. It was kinda musty but not too bad.

peace, Kelly.

Guilty as charged, your honor.

Yes, I spend hours a day thinking about unis and riding and now this hare-brained scheme to build one. Yes, I sit in my office and get only a little bit done on the project I’m supposed to be working on and then curiosity gets the best of me and I’ve just gotta check to see what’s happened on this forum in the 15 minutes since I last checked it. Is this what I’m getting paid to do? Maybe I should just resign and become a poverty stricken unicyclist. Oh crap, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford to replace my tire when I wear it out. And that unicycle project would just lay on my workbench, far from completion, until they foreclose on my house. Sometimes I feel like the guy that keeps a bottle of vodka in his desk drawer and carefully steals a swig when he thinks he can get away with it, hoping the boss doesn’t walk by at precisely the wrong moment. Uniholic am I.

But there is some relief. Yes, the sick day. I call it a mental health day. Just gotta watch how many I take. And then hope I don’t really get sick when I’m outa days.