Work It Out-Colby Thomas

Just a small edit to show off my newest skilzzzzz.


Note, I didn’t take too much time to edit it.

Awesome vid. I was expecting the 1 foot transition though when you told me that you had rollingwrap-backroll-rollingwrap, but it was still nice none-the-less :).

Nice 5spins. You’re so much more consistant than me with those its unfair. Any tips? I can only get maybe 1 every week of riding haha :o

Getting a lot better. The side jump was impressive also.

Keep it up.

loved the dog

Haha, I saw it coming and about crapped my pants when it came at me. It was pretty funny, the girl walking it pretended like nothing happened and walked away.

Only three comments???

good video. do your rolling wrap - back roll - rolling wraps 1 footed… looks cooler. good improvement though.

pretty nice combos, time to start working on varialroll combos now. You could probably get rollingwrap-varialroll with a little practice;):slight_smile:

Cool. I liked the full outspin.
Would a wrapwalk - sidejump be too difficult for you? It would look nice!