Woooo...... It's here!

My Torker just arrived today! I even put it together myself! the only problem is that the seat post is waaaayyyyy too high. so Ill have to make that shorter but other than that it’s perfect! Now comes the hard part, learning to ride it! I just found out how hard it’s really going to be. I was holding onto the couch and kinda standing on the pedals to get a feel of it and… whoosh! slipped out from under me right onto my bum I went! (almost)
Wish me luck!

Tash =D

Good luck with the unicycling. Stick with it. It will come to you.

I like the pic of albert there on your avatar. I use to have that on my msn.


thanks, I’m really excited. I can’t wait till my grampa gets back from his fishing trip sp he can cut off my seat post and help me tighten the stupid bolts and stuff. (I actually did pretty good for a girl but they’re still not tight enough!) Grrr! Anyway thank you very much im gonna go stare at it now (all I can do for now)

Im happy for you.

Re: Woooo… It’s here!

I am just wondering how tall you are because I have a Torker also and I have my seat post about as high as it can go… Of course I am about 6’4" tall :slight_smile: But my sister can ride my uni by easily just lowering the seat a little (the torker comes with a quick release lever thingy to adjust the seat height) and she is much shorter…

P.S. I do wish you luck :slight_smile: Though you won’t need it. You will feel like you just have to learn how to ride!

i’m 5’7 and mine doesn’t have a lever pully thing :thinking:


I’m 5’7 and I’ve never needed to shorten a seatpost to make a uni rideable - only to save a bit of weight.

The seat is attached to the “seat post” by 4 bolts.

The post slides into the “seat tube” which is the top section of the frame.

The seat tube has a slot in the back.

There should be a clamp around the neck of the seat tube. So, you slide the seat post into the seat tube, then you tighten the clamp.

The clamp is usually operated by a cam-action lever. Sometimes it’s operated by loosening/tightening a nut.

Look closely.

Modern unicycles will have a very similar arrangement. Only the details vary.

You should be able to adjust the seat height easily.

Here ar elinks to pictures of a couple of examples, just to illustrate.
(Quick release)

With hex bolts.

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fwiw, on my new LX (24"), I had to cut off 3 1/2 inches on the post. The post was bottomed out inside the tube/frame, so I couldn’t make any other seat adjustments. No quick-release on this one, just allen wrench tightening the clamp :frowning:
I would believe the posts on the 24 are longer than on the 20", but some one else probably knows better (since I am new to this also).
I believe the total length of my seatpost was 16 inches. When I put my uni together and got on it, my foot couldn’t reach the bottom pedal when in the verticle position. That was scary :slight_smile:
Any way, just what I found out and had to do on mine.

I think the standard lengths for seat posts are 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. They are like Forest Gumps’ box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

A suggestion: When you buy a new unicycle, order the longest available seat post then cut it to fit.

Thanks for that info :slight_smile:
Something for me to remember when I learn and then upgrade :wink:

That’s what I did, too, I got a 400mm and cut it pretty far, there’s still some room for me to grow though so when I do I can Just Make it higher