After 40 years of non-uni living, I got my Torker LX two days ago and spent about a half hour the last two evenings working on mounts and riding–came back pretty fast. Tonight, I got on and rode a mile without falling, had one spill and then rode the mile home again without falling–even got up the curb and up the driveway–WooHoo, you really don’t forget! Still a bit wobbly in short turns, however…but there is always tomorrow.



keep it up

So the last time you rode a unicycle was 40 years ago? Wow! Awesome job.


That’s great! What made you try unicycling again?

Welcome back! I stopped riding for over 25 years. I’m now a coker-head and Thursday will be getting a '05 KH Freeride. A whole new world of toys awaits. There’s nothing quite like it. When I started back up I hopped back on my 24" Schwinn and it was almost like I had never gotten off. My three little girls were very impressed (now two of them ride unis with me).

Congratulations on getting back on! Keep on smiling!


Just wondering, is it like a bike: you don’t forget?

For most people, I’d say yes. One night when I was riding, a woman stopped who said she used to ride 20 years ago. She need a hand getting on, but made it a good 50 feet without falling.


Great news Carey, ride that bad boy.

What kind of shape are you in? Asking only because I had quit riding for over 30 years, and was badly out of shape. That was when I started riding again getting close to a year ago. I’ve lost 20 pounds, and have waist and leg muscles again. At my age it is taking a year to get the muscles back. It is great fun and exercise.

So what size wheel on that torker?

What brought you back to unicycling?



My Dad bought me a small unicycle in 1961 when we lived in LA, I was 10. The Beach Boys were hot and the Beatles had just arrived on their first visit to America, John Kennedy was President. He got it from a famous unicyclist who was aging but had his day in the 20s–showed me photos of him at the pyramids, riding around the top of a tall building, and he had pictures of a one wheel motorcycle that you sat inside. I wish I could remember his name but I can’t ( I want to say his first name was Walter…) The uni he got for me from him was a 12 inch pneumatic tire, very high quality for the day and I am sure was designed for circus or clown riding. I learned on that one (with a leather derailluer seat) and loved my unicycle. After moving out west, I rode it in the Ullrdaag parade in Breckenridge in the mid-60s (That was when a lift ticket cost about $5).

I went off to college and my uni disappeared during a subsequent parent’s move. For the last year or so, I wondered if I could still ride one because I knew I would like to keep riding (even with my long layoff). A few weeks ago, I was at a bike store getting parts for my bike and I saw a uni there. I asked if I could try it and upon sitting on it and pedaling just a turn or two, I knew I would be able to ride it still–so I ordered a Torker LX from unicycles.com. It is a lot of machine for the money and I had decided to get a 24" versus a 20" (versus my former 12") so I could cover a little ground with it.

I don’t know why I wanted to get a uni again, maybe it is just a cheap way to face the fact that I am on the upside of 50…so be it. I like the big 24" wheel…seems to have a lot of control. The seat is new to me and I spend a lot of time making sure I don’t sit on something I shouldn’t. I am debating replacing the seat with a normal bicycle seat like I learned on years ago, but I am sure these seats are standard for a reason. No doubt, the U-seats are more functional and especially useful for tricks and stuff but it will take some getting used to for me.

I am glad I found this site it is a very active board and it seems like a great community. Thanks for making me feel welcome.


Re: WooHoo!

On Mon, 30 May 2005, Chrashing wrote:

> What kind of shape are you in? Asking only because I had quit riding for
> over 30 years, and was badly out of shape.

It seems it’s definitely the season for returning riders…

I only had about 5 years off riding, but got in really bad shape (224
pounds, 5’7"). Having lost a little weight, I’m back on, taking it easy
for now and have already lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks.

It’s great to get back into riding - my balance is already coming back,
but I failed to glide it last week - a skill I was very proud of back when
I rode before. It’s probably the fear of me with 3 sacks of potatoes extra
weight falling off!

If anyone’s reading this who doesn’t ride any more - I can thoroughly
recommend getting back into it. Some of the stuff you see in the videos
posted here is awesome inspiration. I don’t believe for a minute that I’ll
ever be doing all that stuff, but I can at least get somewhere.




Re: Return

Good choice on the wheel size. To begin your collection.


Bike shorts. Those streachy silly looking tight shorts, they’ll keep your bits out harms way.

Opps, I cut out part where you stopped riding when you went to College. Same for me. Looking back, don’t ya think the campus would have been a great place to ride a uni. Hmmm, maybe I’ll go ride across Vassar College this week.

Welcome back! I did about the same thing in January. Great sport. Great fun. Great community. A few clowns, too.

Just think of the Torker as the first uni of the rest of your life.

You’ll have 4 this time next year.


If you place your order now.

I sense an issue of discontent!

Who me? Never! Sorry was that a categorical imperative?

Sorry, I read immanual, but, I Kant be sure!