A story… 24 years ago there was a Sailor with some time on his hands. He got the bright idea to learn to ride a unicycle. Said sailor went to all the local bike shops and no one had any clue where to get a unicycle. Remember, this was before a certain former Vice President invented the Internet. Anyway, the enterprising squid finally found a heavy, ugly, beat-up cheaply made unicycle in a pawn shop and was able to buy it for a song plus $80.

He learned to ride. And he rode all over the place. And he rode the POC unicycle for about 7 years until things in his life began to crowd the time he used to spend on one wheel. He sold the ugly uni about twelve years ago.

Well last month I…I mean HE thought of his old beautiful unicycle fondly and wondered if he could find another one and if he found one if he could actually ride it again.

Yes it is me… Anyway I did a search on Google and was confounded with the choices. I e-mailed John Foss and asked what he would suggest in my price range and for a guy my size. He was gracious enough to take the time to reply and give me a list to look at. I ordered one last week. I got it today, assembled it and set a goal of being able to ride a hundred yards in a week. WooHoo! I have to set a new goal now!

I found out I still remembered how to fall off. After praticing falling for 30 minutes I found I can still keep the wheel under me. I even managed to turn. Suddenly I feel 18 again, sort of, well, OK, not really…

…but I’m happy to be on one wheel again…

Sean In CA


What uni are you using?

Re: WooHoo!!!

Way to go, Sir Squid! (from a former Wingnut) Welcome home!

Many things change but it always seems that gravity remains the same.


I bought a United 24-inch Trainer for EXTRA LARGE Adults from unicycle.com. I have read the threads about terrible seats. This one has a Viscount that I am sure I will knock the gaurds off of. Having said that, compared to the brick/seat on my old uni, this one is heaven.



Be sure to read the thread located at http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20833

It’s partly about Viscount seat bumpers.