Woohoo, managed it!

The Good…

Yeah… I finally got the hang of crank hangs or whatever the things are called. Blummin’ marvellous, it is, being able to jump over tall things.


The Bad…

After successfully jumping around and stuff on a strange one-wheeled contraption, I go and have difficulty with this “walking” lark, and fall over a metal grate down some steps. There goes my knee for the time being.

The Ugly…



Phil, just me

They keep coming…

Another great video, Phil. That Lego man doing the crank grabs looked almost life-like.

i agree totaly

congratulations phil on makin some awsome webcam videos !!!

i love how you made the motercycle legoman do a bow at the end.

but the best by far is the one with the r/c cars. wow, you really made the music tie into the ‘scenes’ and i love the part where you just see the tires spinn and the car peals out of the view!

great clips!

phil, i hope you have more free time on your hands so you can make more.


Re: They keep coming…

Ha ha yes; too bad it was’t real life. :frowning:

Re: Woohoo, managed it!


Nice! I’m feeling just a tinge of uni-envy. I can hop now and I would
like to start doing pedal grabs, crank hangs etc., but I haven’t found a
location to use that won’t destroy public property. I’m trying to find
something that is the right height and concrete to accommodate me.



Re: Re: Woohoo, managed it!

I had exactly the same problem… in the entirety of Malvern there was one suitable bench within half an hour’s ride. Back in Lincoln I have aforementioned small wooden object and one picnic table nearby. It’s blummin’ marvellous!

Today, however (this is as well as my whacked knee, which is huge…) my knees are covered in bruises and little scratches. I think they may have a point about leg armour and stuff…

sigh I wish I could do the stuff he does, but I can’t compete with his weight advantage.

Phil, just me

hello all,

phil, have you ever been involved in, or seen catleprods solving lifes little problems? hehhehe


Problems such as people asking about cattle prod usage?



Phil, just me