Wooden Uni in Rome

Ran across this wooden unicycle while in Rome last month at a toy store that had all kinds of wooden toys. Very neat place called Bartolucci. Looks like the uni has been used. Unfortunately, the tire was flat. I’m guessing it is about a 16 inch wheel. Also, check out the wooden motorcycle. Very impressive even though it has too many wheels for this forum!

Can i have the unicycle??? :smiley: :smiley:

As for the harley davidson look-a-like bike. That is a very detailed work of art. :smiley:

I was just in Rome in February…too bad I missed the opportunity to try that out! What part of the city was the store located in?

That wooden uni certainly looks rideable…I wouldn’t want to get a splinter from that seat though.

mmm, love the cottered cranks too. will this be able to take 3 foot drops on a daily basis? what brand is it? is it good for unispins? is it a good price? do i weigh too much to ride it?
yah, just kidding au.

i’ve seen bikes liek that before (the motorbike)

however that uni is quite cool :smiley: how much is it?

I bet that seat is real comfy.