Wooden Uni in Rome

Ran across this wooden unicycle while in Rome last month at a toy store that had all kinds of wooden toys. Very neat place called Bartolucci. Looks like the uni has been used. Unfortunately, the tire was flat. I’m guessing it is about a 16 inch wheel. Also, check out the wooden motorcycle. Very impressive even though it has too many wheels for this forum!

wow that seat looks awsome. KH should make some like that for extra comfort!

That’s pretty cool. This should probably be in RSU though.

I saw a similar wooden uni on municycle.com in Germany last summer.
The tire was flat too :stuck_out_tongue:

Doh! I had no idea I had put it in the video forum. :astonished:

I think i went to that wood toy shop when I went in 04… there was no uni the :frowning: