Wooden Grind Rails, Thay realy work.

So I made a wooden grind rail today. Surprisingly it works! I will post pictures today. Here is how I made it. Take a 2x6 or like peace of wood. Wax one side of it compleatly. Have one or more of these candles burning.
leave the peace of wood out side in the heat-sun, or heat the wood&wax with a small kitchen torch. Come back outside when the wax has melted is smoth and cooled then poor the liquad wax on the wood, let that harden and smoth out with a ball of tin foil. It works!

Sounds like an easy enough idea, although critically you are actually making a solid-wax grind rail, the wood doesn’t contact the pedal, its just a support for the thick layer of wax on the surface. Your method certainly appeals to those of us without lengths of metal lying around (myself included), I might have to modify my current balance beam,


Yes I thought of that but I think after the wax weres a way and is reaplied a cupple of times i think the wood will have abosed enought wax and will have been grinded apon enought that is will remane Slick with little wax. We shall see soon enought

ooooo i have an old metal frind rail i used to skate on its round and prity low could this be used for grinding??