Woodbury Common, Devon

Woodbury Common, WOW. Paul and I went for a explore muni on Woodbury
common this moring, and the word of the day is WOW. That place has such a
high BGF ( big grin factor), we will be going back again and agin I
expect. There were miles of fantastic single track, swoopy stuff, rooty
stuff, loose rubbly stuff even a few fords , one of which I failed to
cross and got soaking wet in. A hill fort, a millitary
training area, a bunch of wooded coomons and some 80 percent of Devons
remaining heathland combine
to make a brilliant muni area. Best of all its all legal, the paths across
the heath are open to the public for air and exercise on foot, horse or
pedal cycle. Most of the single track we rode was on a bridle way loop
that circles the core of the heathland but doesn’t seem to be churned by
by horse traffic.
If any one fancies joining us to have an go at such sections as the “soda
stream” ( where I got al wet) or “root beer”, we could arrange a trip
and try and find these gems again for you. Its only 20 minutes from our
house, in fact we can see it from the living room on a clear day.


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Is there good (& legal) muni in Dartmoor Forest?

All these interesting places are a bit too far from London … probably why they’re interesting.

Whereabouts is this fantastic place?

I’m moving to Somerset in September, I’m looking forward to some better muni territory than flat-as-a-pancake Lincoln!


Woodbury Common is just to the South-East of Exeter,
North-East of Exmouth and North of Budleigh Salterton.
Not far from the end of the M5. You’d be welcome to
come and ride with us.

Mind you in Somerset you’re spoiled for choice

  • Exmoor - lots of bridleways and big climbs
    (oh - and descents!)
  • Quantocks - so good for MTBing that Tim Flooks
    from TF shocks lives there.
  • Near to Bristle for the Timberland trail

as well as the usual local bridleway network.

Have fun in the SW!



r u in Devon?

Natch… I used to live in Chudleigh, south west of Exeter, but that was long before the thought of going up hills on a one wheeled contraption ever crossed my mind. I guess living in Lincoln is punishment for not appreciating the possibilities… :slight_smile: