Wood BC Plates?

Are there any designs for this? I tried making one tonight and it failed. The wood with the axle going through snapped while drilling. Im going to use a wider piece tomorrow.


I think they would snap kind of like skateboards but they would be pretty cheap so you can go through alot of them :smiley: I was thinking about making short plates longer with a piece of wood on top but i never did it. I think you would be better off to just buy some metal ones.

Im going to be forced to use 1/2" think wood the whole way through. My axle is a little too short so im not sure how it will work out, thats why I used 1/4" on the first attempt. I’m also gonna have my dad buy another drill bit, because the one i was using last night was really dull, it took about 3 minutes of drilling to get through 1/4" peice of lumber.


I think it should work if you use thick and strong enough wood… don’t see why it wouldn’t…