Woo Hoo! teaching a noob

Tonight the number of uni riders went up slightly…After much persuasion I got one of my friends to try to ride my uni, and after an hour or so he was able to go a few feet unsupported. :smiley:

I know this may not sound that exciting, but I am hoping I may no longer have to ride alone…like I have always done.

That’s really great!

It’s always exciting to introduce a newcomer to the sport and watch them progress.

Has he seen any uni videos? Once he sees some of the amazing riding skills that some other riders have, perhaps he’ll be even more motivated to learn the basics quickly!

Congratulations to you for teaching your friend and to him for learning so quickly!

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Good on you for ‘spreading the joy’.
Feels good, doesn’t it?

This is really exciting. Getting someone over the barrier of realizing that it’s only about determination is always exciting. Watching them realize for the first time that they can actually do it is very rewarding. And if you get your riding partner in the process you’ve just scored extra points…unless they turn out to be way better than you. Then you have to make immediate plans to sabotage.

-UPDATE- Tonight my friend totally rode unassisted, about 20ft each time.
soon he will be one of us! chanting One of us! One of us!

Oh, I think you become one of us the first time you start thinking about learning to ride…

Congratulate your friend on our behalf.
And make sure to get him to register here.

I have three friends I convinced to learn to ride and only one Uni, none of them have enough money yet so I have to share with them hopefully they will be able to afford some of their own so that the love can spread that much faster. only one friend can ride unassisted and I have shown them all UNIverse 2 they were totally amazed and immediately wanted to go out and ride when the movie finished. Soon i shall have a gaggle of Unicyclists to ride with. HURRAY!!!

several of my friends are interested in uniing, and have tried (poorly) to ride mine, however, i doubt any of them would be up for shelling out the cash and time a unicycle requires.

if every unicyclist recruits 2-5 friends and instructs them to recruit others they meet, we could really raise…“Uni awareness” if you will

Both my kids are still learning, but now each of them has a friend learning too. Niether friend has a uni yet, but we’re happy to share. I figure if they actually learn to ride, their parents will likely be willing to get them one.

I’ve been spending so much time helping them learn, I never get to ride myself. But it will payoff when I have all the extra riding buddies :smiley:

Hmm lets see. Me and Mike learned at the same time, then we taught our friends, Chris, Donnie, McKenzie, and Blaine. Our friend Levi and his little brother Jesse learned after that. Two of mikes friends who I cant remember their names, learned to ride.

After that, I taught my girlfriends brother how to ride, and he is teaching two of his friends to ride, Katie, and Bridget, him and Bridget may end up going out. Mike, is teaching his soon to be girlfriend Rachel to ride. I have taught my Girlfriend how to ride, and just a few days ago she got serious about it and I helped her pick out a uni, so shell be getting her own pretty soon, and she is really interested in trials, which is gonna be so freakin awesome!!!

Also, My friend Phil, and Noah, both went to MOAB, and have been riding before all of us, but Phil was telling me how none of his friends, except Noah, were into unicycling, and wouldnt want to do it, which sucks, but I think we have gotten a lot of people in Spokane to get into it, and more people still are interested.

Oh yeah, my friend Pat, just about 3 weeks ago, learned to ride, and my friend Daniel can already ride, and one of my teachers can still ride, in her high heels, with a dress, which was way cool to see! =p