Wonky ride

Is it just me or are some rides smooth and others wonky jerky with upds I slept good last night and was riding poorly today I think it was a concentration problem.

Some days it feels better than some others for me too.

I can have road camber issues on my G36 and the other day I don’t, indeed it’s often related to side wind causing false road camber effect.
Some days I suffer from crotch pain, some other days I don’t, same with knee pain.

Some days I can easily ride at 12-13 mph in first gear (150’s) with no effort and often ride at 14-15(still in first gear), some other days I just keep riding at 9-10 mph and feel like I struggle to reach the 12 mph.

Uphills follow the same rules, and water intake can vary from drinking nearly nothing to filling twice my 2L camelback and still missing some water before I arrive home.

The Joy factor can also vary from a ride to the other, and this is what bothers me the most, cause Joy/pleasure is what I’m looking for before any performance consideration.

I have noticed a certain level of consistence, to a certain extent. I tend to lean toward the MUNI side. I find when tired I UPD over stupid things that normally I have no issues with. This tired, depends on when in the day I ride, and how long the ride is, also sleep.

When I road tide, I seem more or less to just notice that I fail to ride as straight when I am a little off.

Been riding 22 years, and have more miles on unicycle than bicycle

Food, water and sleep make a big difference. I also ride (and juggle) much better in the evenings. All the limbs are a little stiff and rigid in the morning. We’ve all got those days. Heck, some days I can juggle 30+ catches of 7 ball consistently cold, and can’t get a qualify after warming up other days. Either way I’m having fun. : )

Well, it’s not really surprising that you have good and bad days. It’s worth to always ask yourself why you are having a bad day though, sometimes you can eliminate the factor that is holding you back. Things like hydration, nutrition and being tired are typical culprits, but stretching and warming up may help too.

There are times when I feel like the uni has a motor driving it and others where I seem to always be working against myself. It is something about getting the balance feedback system running at the right frequency and phase.

It was worse before I realised it made a difference which way I turned at the bottom of the street. On the main track to the left I get into a series fairly long steep hills quite quickly. The other way has a brief climb then a long fast gentle downhill followed by a moderate climb then a long fairly flat couple of kilometres.

I almost always turn right now. It gives me a lot more time to find my rhythm over a wide range of cadence and I ride better from then on.