Wondering which 24" MUni is better

I’m considering a 24" KH '05 Freeride, which seems to have no negative reviews, and a 24" Beford Black MUni w/ KH hub and yellow rim and seat.
I’ve seen pix of a similar bedford rig that look amazing, but the KH seems better for weight and it has brake bosses.
Can anyone tell me how much the weight difference is really going to matter?
Also, which in your opinion looks better (just wondering, not the deciding factor or anything)

Thanks alot

(there’s a pic of the yellow one attached, congrats to the lucky dude who owns that!, and he can take all the credit for the pic, i just wanted to give people a reference point, thanks)

I believe the lucky owner of that beast is Mr. Catboy…correct me if Im wrong. He’ll tell you he loves it and to get one, and Bedford is great etc…unless he doesn’t want anyone else to have one…hmmm :roll_eyes:
and the plot thickens…

yeah i just looked it up and it was catboy
it’s a hell of a uni!
i’m not rich enough to get the profiles though
just a KH hub for me
which’ll work just fine

catboy: how do you like the weight of it, have you tried a lighter KH before??

I love it. The frame, it’s a bit heavy, and I’ve ridden an '04 KH muni with the Leopard tire on it. The wieght difference is too minimal to notice or be concerned about.

You put a huge smile on my face as soon as I saw that pic of my muni. I hope you can find something that is right for you.

Check out www.bedfordunicycles.ca and/or call Darren Bedford. He’s an awesome guy that knows how to hook you up right with a muni. Just look what he did for me.

Order now and Catboy will throw in 2 pounds of bacon. Be one of the first 500 callers and have the 5th payment eliminated!!

Yeah, I’ve been corresponding w/ Bedford and was thinking of an orange one
I saw your yellow one and was blown away!
Catboy, do you think you could weigh yours by any chance?
Or anyone who has a Bedford 24’’?
I still don’t know if I should get the KH '05 Freeride :frowning:

I like the look that darren gives his muni but it is kinda a bummer there is no brake mounts but no biggy. I have an 05 kh and I have ridden a bedford and I like both they both are really nice especially catboys. but since the 05 is alluminum it is lighter but it realy doesnt matter unlees you are gonna be using it for trials to.

Brock, Catboy’s does have brake mounts. I have a bedford with brakemounts also. Note the avatar.

More pics here: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Kcs-Gear

oh sorry about I didnt see them right away my bad