Wondering which 24'' MUni I should get (KH or Bedford/KH)

I’m considering a 24" KH '05 Freeride, which seems to have no negative reviews, and a 24" Beford Black MUni w/ KH hub and yellow rim and seat.
I’ve seen pix of a similar bedford rig that look amazing, but the KH seems better for weight and it has brake bosses.
Can anyone tell me how much the weight difference is really going to matter?
Also, which in your opinion looks better (just wondering, not the deciding factor or anything)

Thanks alot

(there’s a pic of the yellow one attached, congrats to Catboy, the lucky owner)

nice pic… ive got the KH24 and have had no problems yet. some of the screws seem to get loose a lot and the seat post rail bracket clamp… yeah that made sence… gets loose a lot and you have to keep tightening it. but it totally rocks
i would say the other one looks cooler though, but the brakes have saved me from eating trees many times, so i would take that into consideration
not sure i did anything but confuse you though

i got the freeride from Darren Bedford and it’s on its way
i can’t WAIT!!!
so yeah that’s what i’ve decided on, even though Catboy’s looks really cool
maybe my next one will be a custom like that
we’ll see

KH24" Freeride & Magura Brakes

I’ve just ordered the KH Freeride after lots of research. There’s quite a lot of uni-specific design and geometry in the rim. And the brakle mounts are certainly a real necessity. Riding with a brake gives so much more control and allows you to ride new trails and lines.

I have a 1999 Magura HS11 and would like to mount it directly onto the KH but my mount looks like a V Brake mount and the KH has two screws and a rod? Ang suggestions?

you need to buy a new adapter

Re: KH24" Freeride & Magura Brakes

Your new unicycle will come with the hardware you need to mount the brakes, so you should be all set!