wondering what a good shoe is for trials/street?

hey well the title basicaly explains it i’m going to get some new shoes soon and i want to know what is a good shoe for trails/street?

Any kind of skate board-type shoes works good. Just get one with a flat bottom, without any big knobs or tread. They don’t have to be expensive.

dc shoes do own… especially the hoffman ones…

skateboard shoes, and i like converse all stars as well.

Go to walmart, go to the shoe section, find one with a flat bottom and looks good to you, then your getting a good shoe, and wont cost you about 50 dollars.

converse chuck taylors all stars

Converse all-stars are good for freestyle but not great for street and trials because they are pretty thin and dont offer much support, especially on big drops.
My vote goes to skate shoes.


I think i´ll get the 661 dUALLY´S

I wear all stars. Work pretty good!

dcs are great but any flatfooted shoe with a thick soul is good

my rule of thumb is if its hard to run in them its good to uni in them

Im with primus…and most everyone else. The best shoesn i ever got for unicycling were the $20 one is got from Walmart. Lokk for a shoe with zero tread and a very thick sole.


ok thanks… i was think about skateboarding shoes…but wasnt qutie sure and now i am

pretty much all dvs, adio, osiris, and dc skate shoes work awesome.

i wear my etnies

i like skate shoes, but high topped ones work better(i always hit my ankles) i personally wear the 661 dually linked above. they rock so hard. right now last years model is really cheap if you don’t have huge feet. anything smaller than a 45 or so is still in stock. duallys grip great, and are really supportive and have a hard plastic cup inside the ankle part to save your ankles from pain.

Alright, I’m going to buy a pair of high heels to ride with. Yeah, normally I wear Vans and they seem to work pretty well for street/trials. No specific brand of shoe can make that much difference, but generally skate shoes and basically any flat bottomed shoe is ridable.

One of my tachers, she can ride a unicycle, and she does it with high heels.

Something with velcro straps instead of laces is good, preferrably ones that light up when you walk in them.

Man, I wish they made those in a size 11.

I think it’s a matter of preference. I personally wear ipaths, but I think the general consensus is that any shoe that’s good for skateboarding/BMX’ing should be good for unicycling.

k thanks alot