Wondering about mounts need help!

Ok, so I am able to ride all kinds of terrain, but for some reason I cannot do a standard free mount. I was wondering if anyone has a advice about this, because I have all ears listening. Or, If you know an easier kind of free mount. Please tell me how and the mechanics, as I am a very technical person.

Practice. A lot. Every time you go to mount. Also practice just mounting, over time easing the amount of force you put on whatever it is you use to mount.

Try to do rollback mounts, some people say they are easier to learn.

Freemounting is hard. Keep practicing.

just practise at it. the way i free mount i do it differently to how its suppose to be, my pedals are in a different position. just experiment with pedals in different positions until you find one your comfotable with

I was lucky enough that I didnt have any walls to hold while learning to ride.
So I could freemount befroe I could ride:D

freeride before mounting wow…

well basically practice :smiley:

I find it much easier now to just jump on it… but u need quite abit of guts to do it at first… but its REALLY easy when u finally jump on.

my little sister is 9 and she learned how to free mount at 7, took her a week, but she couldnt ride untill just a week ago because she never practiced.

It is different for everyone. I could freemount before I could really ride too.

Just practice everytime you have to mount and eventually you will be doing it without even thinking.

i also could mount before i could ride, i would just take liittle breaks off of learnign to ride and practice freemounting, except when i finally got it, it was like… ok, what now? But, if you want a suggestion, i would say the rolling mount is the easiest, as you already have momentum when you get up there

what actually is a freemount, because i thought i was doing one but from the sound of it im roll mounting. i stand behind my uni then put a fott on a pedal kick up put to other foot down and ride

a freemount is when you don’t use anything to help you mount the uni. like a wall, pole etc.

the first mount I ever learned was a Jump-mount. Hold the handle, jump up and land on both pedals at the same time. you will get it on pretty much your first try, you just have to go for it. It’s also very helpful to learn the standard freemount later on.

Wondering about mounts need help!


I was stuck for a long time with the “standard” free mount involving stepping on the pedal to bring the uni backwards under you, then doing a back pedal with the other foot to get them off the “dead position” before leaning forward and riding off. The explanation above shows just how much is going on in the space of a fraction of a second.

In the book “Unicycling” by Andreas Anders-Wilkens & Robert Mager


there is an alternative, which got me freemounting almost immediately, although not yet 100% reliably.

As you are technically minded, as am I, the book explained the mechanics.


Stand with your first foot on the lower pedal (between 4 to 5 o’clock as it suits [experience tells you here]).

Nestle the uni seat quite tightly. Prepare the other pedal - make it approximately horizontal - to receive the other foot. Straighten uni and align yourself up.

As you launch yourself onto the uni, and OVER the axle, add some force on the seat to counteract the backwards movement of the uni. A balance of forces will keep the uni and pedal in place enabling the other foot to land on its pedal.

As the second foot lands on the pedal, it will already be out of the dead zone. A brief pause as your body carries on over the axle to lean forward, and you’re away.

Hope this helps. I’ve almost got my 8 year old free mounting like this.

Oh, another little aid is to have a little stone or stick behind the wheel to stop it going backwards as well. As you improve, you will be able to dispense with this, possibly instages by using progressively smaller ones.

Good luck.

Jerry Attrick

This and this.

http://unicycletips.com/ Rul3z!

I personally put the left pedal all the way down so I can put weight on it so the wheel doesn’t role while beneathe me. Then I step up putting weight on the right pedal. That usually gets everything going for me. I agree with everyone else though it is definentely more about practicing than anything.

I put the pedal at 4 o clock and 11 o clock… 4 o clock in back, put my less dominant foot on … kick off the ground, its more of a launch, and catch the pedal, transferring my centripital motion to forward motion :slight_smile:

The only freemount I know is the rolling mount. It’s uncoventional for a first/only freemount but it seemed most intuitive to me. I just push the unicycle forward holding the front of the seat low and then as the right pedel is swinging around past 6 oclock I jump forward and up, and tuck the seat in as put my feet on the pedels. The great thing about this mount is that you don’t need back pedel. Once you land it you momentarily get your balance and then sart pedeling forward.

yeah, walls are bad. if you have any walls around, get rid of them. tear them down. like the berlin wall.

its too late to think.


Do your feet go on the pedals at the same time?
Sounds like it by the description, which would actually mean that what you’re doing is kind of a rolling jump mount, which is very impressive for being the only freemount you know…