Wonder Woman

I moved my lunch time work out to the roof of the parking garadge of the office building that holds me hostage daily. This puts me 10 stories up, serounded by giant mirrored glass monoliths- and no pedestrians, allowing me to focus on skills and not the natives.

After 45 min of practice (still stands, hops, spining hops, riding backward, circular iddles, kick up’s and no-way-will-foot-come-off-the-pedal one foot riding), sweat mixing with drizzle dead tired, I decided to end with a bit of spinning. Thus far, this has constituted turning tighter circles untill I’m turning within a wheel diameter, trying to keep the pedaling even… today this turned into something magical. After starting the spin, I imediatly initiated a Pricess Diana Torso Twirill of Transformation- and began a peiroet! 2 to 3 revolutions! I had no idea…WOW… what a neet feeling… scared me half to death, and I pulled out of it. I sould have quit there, but I just had to do another. Same thing- sky-scrapers rotaing around in the rain, then me chickening out at 2.5 revs.

I returned to the dark recesses of the parking garadge and put the tie back on, duetifully afixing the shackel back to the keyboard.

Where am I going to park the Glass Jet?


So, the tight turns…are you doing these on a 20" wheel? I soon am going to have to do the 360 degree turn in a one meter diameter (level four) and, although I can do it on my 24", I can’t do it smoothly. Is your approach always to start with a large diameter and spiral in smoothly?


Nice gears… kinda says “Greg Harper- Man of Action” or “Warning: Powerfull forces at Work”.

I have only riden a 20" a couple of times (in store)… it felt strange, aquard. Most of my skill developement is on the 24" (although, learned the step-up, crank-horizontal mount on the Coker first, before getting brave enough to attempt it on the smaller wheel).

I find that with less than 1 meter diameter circles my pedaling seems more like a pulsing then a nice smooth stroke… I was spiraling in trying to analize why and when it changes. When it gets down to wheel size, my balance is more or less across the center of the circle. It is actualy easer to enter this (for me, now) from a moment of slow forward riding than spiraling in- it allows me the luxery of being all centerd and together and starting the circle with a torso twist into the balance point over the center. The pieroette (if I spell it different every time, I might just spell it right, once [damn french]) just took more energy pumped in at the start; I thought this would cause me to tumble out and across, but instead it forced the circle much tighter, the wheel under me instead of diagenal, and my spine up strait. The concreate was clamy, but not wet. The realy wierd thing was that I WAS STILL PEDALING- makes no sence to me, right now…

Keep in mind that this is all just self experiment- I have no idea how it SHOULD be done, and the voice of experience would be much apreciated.


(oh ya, forgot to mention: think I broke my toe… riding backward, foot came off the pedal [riding backward allowed me to invert my foot for a moment]. I rode for another half hour, but decided against riding after work at the last minute- instead I watched Lewis ride to about 9pm… kinda like watching some one else trying to thread a needle. Interesting fact: running shoes have no toe protection… curios, that…)

i ware a lightweight combat boot and thank god,i’m trying to one leg ride and instead of puting my foot on the crown i put it in the spokes>>>>>>>>>>ouch


You’ve got plenty of extra toes. Jagur is not going to be able to donate any for transplant if he continues to stick his in the spokes.

If you accumulate all of the letters from all of your various spellings of pirouette I think you got it right three or four times.

I’ll try this spiraling in from a large diameter business. This seems like a skill that doesn’t develop using a brute force approach. At which skill level does one find shin-shredding? I’ve asked my children for shin guards for the winter solstice holiday of your choice. Too late by several practice sessions so far.