wonder about late winter gathering for unicycle wannabees...

A local Kalamazoo bike shop has bent over backwards to support my unicycle habit. Several unicyclists have gotten their start or progress as a result… We were talking and are considering a seminar about unicycles and unicycling. This is for the clueless and novices to be exposed to unicycles rather than the advanced Level 3 skilled and beyond to gain new tips.

I wonder if any of you Michigan and nearby riders would be interested in demonstrating basic skills and various unicycle types. End goal is to strengthen the western side of Michigan’s unicycle presence. I’m hoping to reach out to the Redford Township Unicycle Club for additional wisdom…

Stay tuned.

Ben Brown

I can probably show up and bring my collection of 7 or so cycles. : )

Ben… we need to ride more!!!

That would be great. There are some muni type trails in the Kazoo area. Perhaps afterwards you and any other more seasoned riders could do those and have a two for one trip. Who knows!? - You might even try riding High Street, just to prove riding something that steep might be done… (or at least have fun trying it…) :smiley:

I’m hoping for an April date… sometime near Earth Day… I’m trying to arrange my work to free me up then.

There is a local giraffe rider who I also hope will come. I’ve heard there is an in town circus group with a unicyclist. If you know who that might be, maybe you and I can get him or her to show up as well.

…we can also discuss this via e-mail…

Hi Ben,

I would be glad to help so just keep us posted.