Women Muni Videos?

I would love to see videos of women doing rough terrain unicycling. I am having a hard time finding any, so please post your videos or any you may run across. This is definitely a male-dominated sport, so we gals need to get out there and show our toughness!

They definitely exists. The most recent video I can think of is Turtle’s compilation from Elsbet, which has some great female riders in it: Elsbet 18

Liz Wilson has posted a number of videos on Youtube. Just type in her name and muni, and there you are.

Thanks The_SkunkMan. That was exactly what I was looking for with the women riding the technical areas. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of Elsbet, so thanks for that eye-opener, as well.

How about this lady…

search Stephanie Dietze.

admittedly, these could show more of her riding

Those videos were great, Zack28. It was a shame they were both wearing black and white attire because it was hard to distinguish between them. I definitely caught some strong riding from the girl, though.