Wolfpack Triathlon, Sept 19, Memphis

Swim 400 meters

Ride 5.5 miles (crosscountry, Cokerable, 29er is great, 26 or 24 good)

Run 2.5 miles

email me: tom@jwmooreinc.com and I’ll pass along the application.

Me last year:

You forgot to mention that there are official unicycle categories for awards.

I plan on going.



There are awards specifically for Unicycles.

Solo and Relay Team if you prefer.

This race last year was my first ever Unicycle race. I was the lone one-wheeler. This same guy puts on the Wolfman Duathlon. It was in April and we had 8 unicycles racing.

Duathlon Participants and Pit Crew


Now that FURECUS is over (wish I could have made it; sounded like fun),

Time to bring this thread up again…

I’m excited about coming out to memphis again. Does anyone want to ride the course on Saturday?


I did 2 legs of the Tri last night. (Ride 5/Run 2.5) I weighed myself after and had lost 4 pounds since 7 am yesterday morn.

Its been a while, but let me report: That running ain’t no fun.

I’ll ride the course with you on Saturday.

It will probably do you some good to re-familiarize yourself with where the tough spots are; where to conserve energy, etc.