WOLFPACK TRIATHLON on 29er, report

300-400 meter swim
5 mile tour d’Wolf MUni ride
2.5 mile run.
44 yr old
29" Yuni with 150mm cranks KH saddle.

I got the same reception as we get on the trails from MBrs. Only everyone there was a MBr. So I was somewhat of a celeb. The 29r performed well. Its a good rig for the TdW. Fortunately they didn’t use the easternmost tech section at all. This made me happy when I heard. I really only had one UPD and it was a bad one but in a place we dont typically UPD (out in the open, little bump). Went down with a loud “Oooooph”. (Nobody saw)

I was in the middle of my pack as we exited the water. I got huge cheers when I climbed on the Uni and took off up the hill. Naturally, even the slower MBrs eventually passed me. One lady said later “I just had to pass you. I wasn’t going to be beat by a Unicycle.” I told her I was glad I could motivate her. By the time I reached the eastern most lake, noone else passed me. The ride from there back to Patriot is the faster part anyway.

I chose to ride in my hiking boots for stability. I practiced in my running shoes and UPD’d too much. The transition time was less a problem than a bunch of energy sapping UPDs and remounts. Took 20-30 seconds. It was a lonely run.

Lots of compeditors shook my hand. You know how they are, they can’t believe we do this.

I really wish I’d had Uni-competition. Its more fun racing head to head. Next time I’ll enlist some additional MUCsters to compete. (and any of you). Its a good race for beginners (and MUniers) because non of the sections is unforgivably long)

Great exposure for the cause. My wife and kids were there, in their Memphis Unicycle Club “dress blue” T-shirts (matching me). So they were celebs too. Fun.

The worst part was the last 3/4 mile of the run. Tired, visible to all spectators (no walking here). You could see the finish line across the lake but it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. So I’d run along, looking at the ground for a while. When I looked up, it still wasn’t any closer!! When I finally crossed, I was acknowledged as the unicycler. Dude with the microphone asked if I ran the run on one foot too. I said “I ran 1/2 on my left foot and 1/2 on my right foot” (badump-ching).

I feel like I had a pretty good race overall. I was NOT LAST PLACE. I havent checked but I think I beat 4 or 5 folks out of 60.

Good job! You did us uni people proud. Great exposure for the sport and I know it’s fun to see the respect you get from other competitors.