Wolfpack Mountain B*ke Tri Results

Last yr I beat 2 Mountain B*kers. This year I beat 8!! (29er, 150 cranks)

onefiftyfour beat 11 MBrs!!! (Coker, 125 cranks). Bravo.

I’m still exhausted.

Congrats to both of you!

Can you give more details for those of us who don’t know? How far? How long? How many? etc

memphis mud

Great job on the improvement over last year!

I think you need a little sensitivity training… for the poor mountain bikers. Can you imagine what mental anguish and shame those poor bikers that you beat must be feeling? Shame on you?

Now, do you feel bad?

Didn’t think you would. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next year, I want to hear that only 8 bikers finished ahead of you! Onward and upward.


See pictures here

The swim pix aren’t anything special. But see Uni riders on pages 13 and 14. See us running across the finish line on 35 and 36. That’s onefiftyfour in the grey shirt. That me in the Blue shirt/red shorts out-sprinting that female. (Someone said I should’ve let her win, if I was a gentleman. I said “I didn’t see a female, I saw a Mountain Biker!”)

We swam 400 meters. I exited the water first. But only because Craig drank some lake and Onefiftyfour assisted a struggler till the canoe arrived. (He’s such a goodie-goodie). We then transitioned to Riding. At the top of the first hill, photo-dude took our pictures. (page 13 and 14). Thirty seconds after my pic, I was kareening down a steep trail and wiped out HARD. Bounced my [helmeted] head as hard as I ever have. Aah, helmets. I was pedalling madly, expecting 154 to catch me at every turn. I was on 29er, he was on Coker. (Trail: undulating crosscountry with some more serious spots.). He finally caught me at 4-3/4 miles of the 5 mile ride. It was inevitable and we both knew it. He got to the transition ahead of me but I stripped off camelback, wristguards and changed to running shoes fast enough to pass him on the way out (slapping him on the boohiney to the delight of the crowd). He caught me easily 1/10 mile away. He politely ran alongside for a bit. I encouraged him to go on and overtake the two [Mountain Biker] runners we saw up ahead. He increased his speed without any difficulty and took off. He said something over his shoulder, but I couldn’t make it out over my huffing and puffing. The run was 2-1/2 miles long. Eric left me at about 1/2 mile into it and beat me by just over 3 minutes. Aah, youth. I eventually also passed those runners. Finally catching the girl right at the finish line. (pic page 35 and 36). Photo-dude obviously loved our thrilling finish. He left his finger on the trigger. See us on the podium on pic page 40. Our other rider experienced some trouble and technically DNF.

Next year I think I’ll be on a Coker for this crosscountry race. But right now, I’m still feeling the residual effects…

Good job guys. I’d like to say sorry I missed it, but I don’t think I am.:wink:

Maybe I can make one of the other races next year.

hey great description of the race!

I had a great time. the coker is a blast on that course. i upd’d several times, but was able to run out of them without injury.

i hope to be able to it again next year. and hopefully, more muc riders will be out doing it - all on cokers, i hope.