Wolfman Duathlon, Apr 10, Memphis

Copy of the email sent to me from race director:

I’ve also got an application file. But its not one of the approved file extentions to attach. So, if you want one, PM me.

i’d love to come out for this. i love cokering these trails. and i love the memphis people.

memphis mud, will you be cokering this time?


Short of sabatage, it is the only way to beat Tommy.

(But I’ll also need him to ride his 24.)

I’ve Cokered a smidgen of the course with 150s. I know I’ll need 170s. I dont know how you manage 125s. We’ll see. I’m comfortable on the 2niner. I’m betting Tommy, 154, me as win, place, show. I’d like to stay positive and all, but predict I’ll be 3 or 4 minutes back (short of sabatage).

I might put a damsel in distress in your path. You’re such a sucker for that save-a-life along the way stuff.

(Gentle Readers: feel free to do a search for a thread conserning the 154’s heroics in the wolfpack triathlon last yr)

Hi all,

I wanted to bump this post and to remind everybody that the Wolfman Duathon is quickly approaching. Also, this event coincides with the MUC Birthday Bash that we have thrown over the last two years.

Those of you traveling to Memphis for the Wolfman Duathlon are welcome to stay with Rody and me Friday and Saturday night. Just let me know so that we do not over commit our space. We will do group rides on Saturday (April 9th this year) and then have a pot luck party on that Saturday night at our home. We always have a great time and expect nothing less this year.

A registration form for the Wolfman can be uploaded at:


The race is a 3 mile run, a 6.5 mile (not very technical MUni) and then a 1 mile run. You can also team up and use a runner if you are not up for the running.

So, come on over, down, or up to Memphis for an entire weekend of riding, uni-fun and camaraderie, and racing.

Also, visit the MUC website for all of the regional MUC gatherings that we have helped to organize.


See y’all in Memphis,

I think I’ll team up with Tommy this year. I’ll let him do the run and the ride.:smiley:

I swore to myself (and my wife) that I would never compete in anything again after last year’s Wolfman. It took me three weeks and two massage sessions to recover. However, as you may know competition is too much a part my pathology. I’ll be there again this year.


Two Weeks Away

Two hikers were walking down a trail. Suddenly a bear appeared. As they ran away, one said to the other “do you think we can outrun that bear?” The other replied “I only have to outrun you!”

I’'ve been in combat-training mode. I’m going to ride the course today. I’ve run almost 5 miles in the last 30 days.

I’ve got my eyes squarely on Bronze.

(Unless someone has an “accident”…) (One can find oneself quite alone deep in the woodsy parts of this course) (One might suddenly be confronted with …unexpected challenges…) (How unfortunate that would be for one to have to balance on a unicycle while looking over one’s shoulder all the while…that’s all I’m saying)