Hey everyone! I got my Torker DX 20 (first unicycle) on Wednesday, and I have been practicing a lot since then, and now, on the sixth day, I can actually freemount and ride it around! It feels so good! I was surprised how fast I learned and that I can already turn and stuff. The main problem with my riding is that when I ride forwards in a straight line, my hips move left to right, and so does the unicycle, though I manage to maintain a straight line.


and good job on learning so fast

Sweeeeeet, congrats my friend on getting one of the best unicycles there are in the modern world. Also well done on progressing so far already too. :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! I too was surprised by how fast I learned.

One less of them, one more of us. Finally got to say that before anyone else!

Congrats, my man! You’ll be doing some craaazy stuff next.

just keep on riding and that extra wobble will go away as your balance gets better.:slight_smile:

Ya, even just playing with it more today I could kind of figure out how to keep it straight. Just needs practice is all:)