Wobbling pedal

Hi all,

Seems like I’ve damage one of the pedals that came on my Onza. The body of the pedal wobbles a bit relative to the spindle.

Any chance this is fixable? They are DX style pedals, unsealed bearings I preume but I’m not sure. Assuming it’s fatal, is there any reason why I shouldn’t ride around on it till it breaks totally?

I can’t afford a decent set of new pedals. :frowning:


so when you hold the crank/wheel/spindle motionless, theres motion in the pedal body right? if so, you might need to tighten the pedal. Any LBS should be able to/show you how to do that.


LBS = ? Let me guess, Lame Bike Shop?

lame or local, which ever. I prefer local, because I work at one.

or, I can try to explain it here. if you can take the pedal cap off, youll need a 12mm (I think) and a small screwdriver. Loosen the locknut (the outter one) and them use the screwdriver to slightly tighten the cone (the inner nut), then tighten the locknut, add the end cap, and your good to try

Hehe, sorry I wasn’t trying to imply that all bike shops are lame, I’m sure yours is great.

Thanks, that sounds doable… I will have a go.

Excellent, that seems to have done the job. I’ll have a ride on it tomorrow, but the wobble definately deems to have gone. It was slightly fiddly but not to hard. Had to remove the locknut, then a washer to get to the cone.

Thanks for your help, Max.

No problem. If it gets bad again, try tightening the locknut more (after readjusting).

those end nuts aren’t a standard size…

I’ve opened 2 of mine…one was 15mm, one was 12mm

cheap ones seem to be mostly 12’s though. my Atomlabs use 9’s for some reason.

I have sort of the opposite problem. My new cheap platform pedals are a bit tight. I asked the guy at the bike shop that I got them from and he said I can bring them back, or I could use them. He said that they should be fine and they will loosen up after a bit of riding.

Should I bring them back, ride them out, or loosen them up myself?

Even though these are cheap, like $12, I have had the same model on my other uni for a year with no problems.


Tight may not be bad if it helps keep the pedals in place when you mount.

When you reinstall the nut after you have repacked the bearings, make sure there is little or no grease on the spindle. If there is too much grease, the nut will tighten itself causing the pedal to be tight. Too much grease is just as bad as too litlle grease.