Wobbler Lesson of the Day

When practicing a roll back mount in a parking lot, do not do so just ahead of a painted line.

I was working on my rollback mount today and was starting to feel like I understood what was going wrong. I hit one (one revolution forward only though :frowning: ). Then I tried again, I got up on the pedals, seat on the seat, rolled back… and suddenly my unicycle shot backwards (no traction). I fell forward and managed to land on my feet as my unicycle went skidding 5 feet back. I looked where I had slipped and, sure enough, the painted line was still a little wet from the rain earlier today.

This is definitely the first time that I have lost traction on my unicycle. What a strange feeling.:stuck_out_tongue:



making mistakes is how u learn!:wink: (+ hurt yrself 2!)

Even the almighty Gazzaloddi loses traction on some surfaces. I came flying down a hill once and struck a damp clay patch and it took me by surprise and I slid over backwards. Ages ago (before the Gazzaloddi) me and a friend went down a wet grass hill and intentionally locked up the wheels. Jake slid for about two and a half meters before landing on his back. Since he went first I had the advantage of learning from his mistake. I locked it up and slid for about 2 meters and rode off. It is an amazing feeling to be covering ground without pedaling. Gliding must be wicked (I wouldn’t have a clue about that one). It is possible to lock it up on gravel as well but that would be less forgiving if you land on your back. Having never ridden a unicycle with a brake I don’t know how well that would work for doing skids, I’d say it would be easier but you still have to get the lean just right. The rollback mount used to be my favourite for a long time. Nowadays I mostly use a roll forwards mount but sometimes I resort to the rollback one.