Wobble, Foot Placement and Q Factor

Does your FOOT PLACEMENT on your pedals affect WOBBLE ?

For example, if you place your feet wider do you experience more wobble??

In other words, is your foot placement interrelated with Q factor???

I failed to find an answer via search and I’m still trying to grasp how q factor results in wobble and whether foot placement on pedals plays a role.

Q is, I believe, the distance between the planes created by the outer surface of crank arms at pedal threads. (Hope I said that right.) Once Q is established by hub and cranks, is the resultant wobble affected by foot placement on pedals???

I guess I am trying to understand the physics at play even though I’m not highly educated in the science. Probably dynamics is involved, the “moment”, etc., and maybe you physics gurus could weigh in and explain.


Trailguy Bill

Yes, foot placement affects stability. As does knee orientation and probably the way your legs move. In fact, you would find that the positioning of any of your limbs and even torsoe would have some effect on “wobble”.

They don’t technically effect Q-Factor which is measured as distance between the pedals.

Wobble Less

Today’s Coker ride experiment with foot placement makes me think that moving feet wider does not cause more wobble. If that’s true, the amount of wobble may be “set” by the hub and cranks. I’m sure there is info, probably old, on this forum that may explain the physics of wobble. Danged if I could find it, though.