WKD Unicycle advert

Has anybody seen the unicycle WKD advert of the “have you got a wkd side?” campaign? It is rather funny. Does anybody like ac/dc? I do. One wheeled stallion is a boistrous idiot. I dislike him very much so. He is clearly not a stallion. A stallion can only stay on its hind legs for a period of seconds, therefore unicycling would prove very difficult. I on the otherhand, am a boy and I enjoy the grogg, therefore i’m a grogboy. You should all take a leaf out of my book and tell it how it is, and not hide behind a fascade of lies and reveal your true nature.

return of the troll…

could this go to Just Conversation?

Yes Groggboy you are a boy nothing more. And I can’t see that changing. And how pray tell am I clearly not a stallion? As you said unicycling would prove very difficult, not impossible so by your own definition I’m better than average.

Also, if you enjoy the “grogg” (and by that I assume shandy? Cider?) you should be groggboy not grogboy.

You sir, are a 'tard.

Get out of my house GroggBoythingy wat ever u want to be

If you ignore the groggboy he will go away.

The daft twat has been ignored but due to an apparent lack of social life he is back again. What really makes me pity him is that he actually looks up unicycling terms and names etc etc but can’t unicycle and has no interest in unicycling.

Wow… that guy needs to find some friends.

maybe we can just bomb him with copious quantities of unconditional love and eventually help him to learn to ride
wouldn’t that be kewl?
c’mon everybody, learn to love one another …
u know the old saying, that a friend is just a stranger u thought u knew till u found him spraying shaving foam on your mother’s underwear on the line?

Look Gayboy, or wotever you like to call yourself these days, you’re pissing my Unicycling Community which pisses me off. I’m sure getting a life would be too hard for you, like stallion said, being mentally retarded can’t do alot for you. If you really wanna be a unicyclist then bring it or if you’d prefer to have a war of words or of any other manner, stop pissin about wit me and everyone here before I get medevil on your pathetic self.
Ignoring you would be too easy, you won’t ignore me if you know wots good for you.


I’ll Have GroggBoys Head On A Pole In The Name Of The Darkside

wanted.bmp (428 KB)

Please do express your views on GroggBoy if you find it necessary but the picture you attached was demeaning to only yourself and the person in the photo (which I presume is not GroggBoy anyway).


Ug. Being nice to people who don’t deserve it is SO not what I’m about. I’ll bet you don’t even talk about people behind their backs! :smiley:


i beleive groggboy is my brother, returned to wreak havoc. i will ask him and try and put a stop to it if it is him.

I agree entirely.


hey robbie! how about that digigal chick…


but seriously, i’m a bit of a reborn hippie and quite happily believe that if i do stuff the way i’d like them to be done, i have a better life
irrespective of the way other people act, or react to me