WJW 2007 expert trials

A compilation video from the expert trials competition at the WJW 2007 in Holland, the WJW (Winter Juggling Weekend) was as the name says, originally a juggling event, but with the international guests: Amanda Gallacher, Lutz Eichholz, Rocco Schulz and many more the organisation decided to make it open for unicyclists and even hold a trials competition!

WJW 2007 expert trials (movie)
WJW 2007 expert trials (download)

The video is 79.112MB big and lasts 6.51 minutes, appearing riders are: Frank Vroemen, Lutz Eichholz, Rocco Schulz, Tristan Schaap, Jan Logemann, Dustin Schaap and Moritz Hahn. My thanks go to Olarf Schlote and Sander Glazenburg for filming.

For the WJW 2007 results, click here.

i really enjoyed that video guys was cool some clever trials going on gutted didnt go

Thanks, what I forgot to say is: Many thanks to Amanda because she rocks and all that stuff!

was the uni spin at the end on a coker or a 29er?

That was some great stuff. Some of those bails were intense too, like when the guy gets hit in the face in the high jump and the bail from the skinny to the stairs. Looked like a fun competition though, I would have loved to have been there.

I too am curious though as to the size of that wheel at the end.

Its a Cooker.

yes it was a great event alsow because of the many people from outside the netherlands
i still think that the owner of that 36 inch was not happy with the uni spin but he does not now that they did it whit his unicycle;) :smiley:
so see all of you next year and alsow many more?

when is buc wich datums
mayby i can go i heard something from dustin that he could go for only 50 euros so that is not that much only then you have alsow the cost of the event so i have to see what i can do :roll_eyes:

That was with a special EasyJet action that ended last Tuesday, it’s still only like 87 euros to fly to Bristol though, then it’s only 30 pounds for BUC itself, meals and ‘sleeping’ included. And if that isn’t excitement enough, Amanda will be there! And Rocco and Marco I think, so what reason not to go?

I wanna ride more trials!