Witty one liners?

Do anybody have any witty replies to comments like;

    'Lost ye' other wheel mate?'

Any ideas gratefully received,

Also how hard do most people inflate their tyres?, I prefer a high pressure, but
some of my friends insist that a ‘bit of slack’ is good.


            Simon Haynes.

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Re: Witty one liners?

On Fri, 18 Nov 1994 s.d.haynes@ic.ac.uk wrote:

> Do anybody have any witty replies to comments like;
> ‘Lost ye’ other wheel mate?’
There are loads of these, and you’re bound to think of some of your own. The
most effective I’ve found is ‘that’s the nth time I’ve heard that one today’.
I find that I get the comments on average once every 3 miles, or once every
half an hour. That’s enough to be extremely irritating.

The best response I’ve heard of is one that I haven’t tried yet. Get off
your uni, twat the person responsible and ride off.

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