witty comebacks part deux

after landing in liverpool airport the other day, I was riding my uni around the airport looking for somewhere that sells food(it was late and everywhere was shut). When a scouse airport worker spots me and comes out with the old chestnut…“someone’s nicked yer other wheel mate.” To whicj my reply was…“It was there when I got on the plane, I guess that’s Liverpool for you.” He was asking for it if you ask me.

if its a pedestiran i just tell them they’ve lost both wheels


I brought my muni inside the garage where I work (alright, it’s a Wal-Mart garage, but it’s still a garage!) to talk to a co-worker, and a customer said
“You don’t make enough money working for WalMart, you can’t afford the whole bike!”
to which I quickly replied
“I know, it sucks, I’ve got the other half on lay-away.” :smiley:

haha, that’s great. I’m sure i’ll be able to use that plenty of times once fall semester starts up again.

“some bastard nicked your other wheel”-biker
“some bastard welded one to yours”-me

“he has lost his other wheel”-“bright” teenager to his freinds
“i also lost four fingers” and showed them… his friends laughed at him


“you’ve lost your other wheel!”

“Nah, I just haven’t learned to ride a two-wheeler yet…”

My favorite, especially if asked by a women ‘where’s the other half?’ I reply, ‘my other half, I left her at home doing the washing’:smiley:

In response to “where’s your other wheel” variants, I have lately been using, “I left it at home with the punchline to your ‘joke’ .” I have thought about it and am beginning to consider it to be too negative. I think I will revert to, “it takes twice the man to ride half the bike,” which has a much more positive spin.

My other wheel? Here it is, on this …SHIRT… :astonished:
(where you then reveal ‘that’ pic)

My reply lately has been, “Nah, I took the training wheel off a long time ago.” or a deeply scarcastic, “Golly! When did that happen? I could have sworn it was there a minute ago…”


he means he lost three fingers, as in the bird, flipping him off, fingering him, one fingered salute etc.

Oh, and my favourite one is “where’s the other wheel?” “the same place as your sense of humour” :stuck_out_tongue: